Jumping On The Christmas Bandwagon

I hate to see Christmas decorations up before Labor Day. The proper time for any Christmas talk, music, decorations or sales starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I don’t want to see Christmas cards next to Halloween costumes.


Here at the Ice Cream Mama blog we are talking Christmas. (yeah, yeah, I hate me too. But it’s that NaBloPoMo– it’s sucking out my brain cells.)

So in upcoming posts it’s Christmas stuff (there will be other stuff too but when there’s nothing else to say, it’s ho ho ho). I figured I would give all four of you fair warning.

I’ll post some really great cookie recipes if it’s any consolation. I’m not really Ice Cream Mama, I really am Cookie Mama. I love cookies.


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Filed under Christmas, NaBloPoMo 2006

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