What Should I Do?

So many of my favorite people are moving out of Blogger. The beta version is driving some crazy. I am using Beta. I had only been on Blogger for a few posts when Miss Zoot asked for some beta volunteers to try out a new template. Well, I love Zoot’s designs so I jumped at that. (Hey, I’m a girl, I like pretty and Zoot does pretty so well.)

Anyway, a lot of people are moving out and are very happy with their new homes and all of the cool things that come with them. So I decided to check out WordPress. Well, of course I really liked it. It seems like you can do so much with it. Hell, I may even be able to figure out how to link my NaBloPoMo button on WordPress. I said to self, “We’re moving on out, to a deluxe apartment….”

Looky here, you can import your old blog into your new blog. Hot dog, that’s just great! I love it here….what?!….cannot import from Blogger beta.

Now what? Do I still move & figure out some way to bring stuff over? Cut and paste? I barely have time to blog, never mind cut & paste. Is there any other way to bring stuff over? Should I stay here at Blogger? But I can have a pretty ice cream header over there. Should I look elsewhere?

Help! What should I do?


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