The Greatest Doctor In The World

I love, love, love our pediatrician.

The story:

Monday night The Squishy One woke up screaming. I mean screaming. She scared the crap out of me. She said she had a bad dream and her ear hurt. She didn’t have a fever or anything so I wasn’t really sure what was going on. She told me she needed an ice pack and a bandage. Um. Ok. So I gave her Tylenol, an ice pack and a bandage. Of course they didn’t help. She then starts screaming, “I want Dr. M. I want Dr. M!” She’s no idiot she knew Mama and Daddy couldn’t do jack for her. She finally calmed down and made me promise to call Dr. M first thing in the morning. (Sometimes when I talk to her I forget she is only three because she talks like she’s grown.)

First thing in the morning I call the doctor. We get an appointment for 10:30. All morning she is perfectly normal. I mean exceedingly normal. We go to the doctor. When we get called in I explain to The Best Nurse Ever- J what happened. She cracked up when I told her about wanting Dr. M in the middle of the night. I feel like an idiot for bringing her because she is so obviously fine. J does her thing- no fever, seems fine, doctor will be right in. We then sing Christmas songs.

In my mind, “Oh brother, you’ve turned into one of those mother’s who brings their kid in for nothing. Good going, he’s gonna’ think you’re an idiot.”

The Greatest Doctor In The World comes in. Squish greets him like her long lost best friend. She is so happy to see him. I tell him the story. He looks in her ear and says, “Whoa! She has a monster ear infection!” (Simple diagnosis- one reason to love him)

He then goes out of the room and comes back in with little bottles. “Give her this while I write out the prescription. I don’t want her to have to wait.” (Reasons 2 & 3- concern for her being medicated right away and free samples!)

He gives me 2 prescriptions- a once a day antibiotic and an ear drop. (Reasons 4 & 5- once a day antibiotic and the ear drop has a pain killer in it- no pain, always good!)

He then tells me, “It’s a good thing you brought her in. Don’t ever worry about bringing her, that is what I’m here for. Go with your instincts.” (Reason 6)

I am sooo glad he is our doctor.


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