A Question

I really like to be tagged & do memes.  They are fun & some of them ask things I might not think to write about.  I also like when I tag people & they also do the meme.  My question:  What should I do when a person does a meme from my site but doesn’t change the answers?  Some answers are changed but quite a few are not, more than would be accidental.  Do I say something?  Do I hope the blogger reads this & gets it?  Is it just me?  Am I overreacting? 

Anybody have any wise words for me? 



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3 responses to “A Question

  1. I read the meme you’re referring to earlier today and thought “hmmm…a lot of these answers are the same as someone else’s”. I know when I’ve gotten e-mails where you answer the questions, some of my answers are the same as other’s but, not nearly as many as what’s going on here. Maybe she liked your answers and they meshed well with her own feelings and she kept them. Or, maybe not. Not sure what to tell ya here…contact her and gently ask if she realizes she kept the majority of YOUR answers?? Curious to see what happens…

  2. I like this new site (I had to go to your Blogger site to get here).

    Somebody actually copied your answers? Strange. Weird. Bizarre. Wow!

    I would just stop by and say something like “Wow! Are you sure we aren’t twins? Our answers are almost identical! This is freaking me out!”

    Not real subtle, but you’ll get your point across.

  3. Wanna laugh? I can only assume you meant me. I just looked at it and for some reason I thought I change them all but I obviously missed some! LOL Oops, sorry! I guess I need to go back!

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