List of 2007

Here it is the long awaited List of 2007!  I don’t make resolutions because my rebellious little brain wants only to break resolutions.  But I love a list!

Here it is in no particular order.  With pictures!  For your viewing pleasure (or horror)!

First item:  Lose weight.  I mean damn girl, lose some weight!   More on this tomorrow.


Item two:  Quit these.  I love my kids & want to see them grown with babies of their own.


Item three:  Save money.  I would say save more but let’s be honest here ain’t much saving going on.


Item Four:  Read through this in a year.


Item Five:  Pictures, please.  I have about five of these things all with the generic family still in the slots.  In fact I have one hanging on the wall with the generic family in the slots.  Hey the Big Guy had his hammer out.


Item Six:  Finish house projects.  Two years ago we put an addition on our house.  I like to tell people we doubled the size of our house.  We really did.  What I don’t tell people is out house started out at 450 square feet.  Woohoo!!  We now have 900 palatial feet.  Envy me.  Anyway, we were going to put a half bath in the master bedroom.  See this:


This is at the end of my bed.  Why?  Because of this:


I have crapped up our half bath.  (Should I change that?  Didn’t mean for the pun, ah to hell with it).  Nothing says romance like a toilet in the bedroom!

Item Seven:  Organize!  When we did the addition every room in the house was organized except ours.  The portal to hell could be in our master bedroom but you would never know it because of stuff like this:


Items eight plus:

Be nicer to my husband and kids.

Spend time with them enjoying them & not telling them to hurry up because we are late.  Again.

Take better care of myself.

I am sure there are more things I want to do but this is a start.  Let’s hope it’s not also the end!



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5 responses to “List of 2007

  1. Oh sweet Lord, the photographic evidence cracked me up SO BAD.

    I love your list! I love lists!

  2. I love your resolutions! I can’t bring myself to make any.

  3. Fantastic goals to accomplish–you CAN and WILL do them. I am going to do your #2, as well…let’s be quitters together!!

  4. Very nice goals. All achievable. We will do #1 together and totally rock this summer on the beach (you will come to Myrtle, won’t you?).

    900 “palatial” feet Good Lord you crack me up!

  5. OMG- the pictures..crack me up.

    That’s a good list.

    I love that you “crapped up” the 1/2 bath and admit it.

    I’m with you on the weight loss, the saving money, organizing and being nicer to my husband and kids.

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