It Starts So Early- Must Be The Water

The scene:  Yesterday morning, in the car, driving to the sitter’s.

The Characters:  Mama and 3 year old E

The Conversation:

“Mama, put on Laurie Berkner.”

“One minute, kiddo.  I want to hear the weather.”

(Are ya’ ready for it?  I sure wasn’t.) 

“You’re a horrible mother.” 

Stunned with stabbing heart pain.  Tears begin to well up.  OMG!  What?!

“Mama, are you sad?”

“Yes.  What you said hurt my feelings.”

Now there are two people crying in the car.



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8 responses to “It Starts So Early- Must Be The Water

  1. And now I’M crying. Thanks.

    Tigger keeps telling me, “Mommy, You’re NOT my friend!” when he is mad. That makes me cry too. Sharp, those knives in our back, no?

  2. Oh! That just hurts doesn’t it? I took the kids out for a little fun tonight and as we were leaving Monkey wanted to open the door and I did it instead and in front of all the other moms he said “Mommy you are mean! Mommy you are a Dummy!” They just don’t know how much words can hurt.

  3. Make me get all teary eyed why don’t ya? I DREAD the day my daughter says something like that to me. Sorry 😦

  4. Oh, I feel your pain.

    Once, my daughter decided to tell me that someone she knew at school said I was…


    You know, fat.

    So, she made a SONG out of it.


    Thanks honey!

    At least she inherited my musical talent.

  5. I got the “I don’t like you” once this summer from Ashley and it BROKE MY HEART. Totally feel your pain.

  6. Awwww. Makes me sad too. My 6 year old tells me I’m mean when she doesn’t get to do something, so, I know how you feel.

  7. Heeeeheeeeee! haaaahaaaaaaaa!…. booohhooooo!


  8. Oh my goodness does it start early….

    I await that…and “I hate you.”

    I was 7 when I said that to my Mom for the first time.

    I remember the look on her face..and how AWFUL I felt after that.

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