Lurkers, It’s a Week Just For You

Hey, it’s National DeLurker Week.  I know there are a few of you out there.  Delurk & say hi!  Please.  It will make an other wise crappola day a little bit better.

Go leave a comment on Miss Zoot’s site.  She’s giving to charity for comments.  Ain’t she great?



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9 responses to “Lurkers, It’s a Week Just For You

  1. Hey Hey Hey!!! Glad you commented! Back at ya sister!

  2. I’m not a full-time lurker…I comment now and then…will make sure it’s more now than then from now on

  3. I’ve commented before, but not much, so, Hey!

  4. Full time stalker here, but I think you are cool so I’m replying anyway. 🙂

  5. Well hi there!! Hope your day is getting brighter!

  6. Also, that ice cream picture is DIVINE.


  7. Hi Bethany, nice to meetcha!

  8. She is great, but so are you!

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