It Figures

Did you ever spend, oh five hours one night laying out your finances for the year (yeah, yeah I’m anal).  You are so thrilled because you have some money put in the “Take the Squish to Disney Fund”  and by the end of the year you should have more put in it and that going in 2009 when your five siblings are going with their familes is doable.  That would be a pretty happy moment right?

But then, as you are walking down the hall to put small child to bed you realize your socks are wet?  Your first thought is, “If this kid peed on the floor I am going to freak the hell out!”  Put kid in bed, go back down hall, get on hands & knees and want to cry.  Why, you ask would I want to cry?  I’ll tell you why- the %^*@# hot water heater has leaked all over the damn place!  The new carpet (ok so the carpet is 3 years old, but dammit that’s still new to me) is soaked and it smells.  I can’t even describe the nasty ass smell coming off this thing.  Isn’t water heater water clean?  I mean I shower with this stuff.  Why does it reek?  The other thing- Big Guy is a manly man- a handy, manly man.  Meaning he wants to install the new one himself.  No problem, he can do it (he really is handy).  Problem is he can do it Saturday (he works- alot). 

So, can my two kids & I shower at your house?



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6 responses to “It Figures

  1. That sucks–I’m sorry. And yes…I, too, would think water heater water is CLEAN. But, like you, I discovered the hard way it’s not: when I went to get the boxes of my WEDDING INVITATIONS from the closet. Imagine my surprise/anger/tears to discover they were all a lovely wrinkled, ink blended, smelly mess!! Breathe in, breathe out…and yes, you and the kids can come shower here. 🙂

  2. You poor thing! For whatever reason, I do know that a water heater is NOT clean (I read WAY too much, apparently). Anyway, stuff collects at the bottom and actually, they are supposed to be cleaned periodically. Have we cleaned ours? Of course not. Thus proving that knowledge is not necessarily power. Sigh.

  3. I also feel mildly intelligent that I also knew water heater water is NOT clean..but that’s only because my step-Grandfather was a heating and cooling guy for 30 years.

    I ALSO know what it’s like to see that “Disney Fund” start off hot and then find out at year end it didn’t grow as much as you’d like.

    We leave for Disney in 17 days. We’ve been planning this trip around my son’s 8th grade graduation for 2 1/2 years. My parents, my sister, my husband and I and our son and a friend. One would think I would have more money saved up…but I don’t. Mine isn’t from a broken water heater..or anything major like that…mostly it’s because my daughter cost me $10,000 out of pocket in 2005. Then my husband was out of work for 9 weeks in 2006.

    But I am happy to report that I’ve paid my Dad the money he shelled out for the park hopper passes and airline tickets. He’s paying the lodging expenses and we have a decent amount saved up.

    So even though your hot water heater is broken…it IS possible to save enough by 2009. Really it is.

  4. That does suck, I feel your pain…come on over for a shower!

  5. Oh man, that sucks. But, cheer yourself up by thinking about the money you are gonna save by letting your hubby install the new one.

  6. Oh, my. Oh, dear. That’s bad. No hot shower? I could sponge bathe my kids for a few days, but I need a HOT SHOWER!

    Just be thankful that you don’t have to pay a repair man $500 just to show up at your house to install a new one!

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