Thyroid Part 5,786a

Yeah, yeah more thyroid crap.  I went to the endocrinologist (what a pain to type) last Tuesday.  The Big Guy came with me so we could discuss the options.  I told Doc Endo that the surgeon declined to do the operation “because you are too young to be without your thyroid”.  Doc Endo even got a funny look on that one.  (Man, I still get steamed thinking about that surgeon!)

Anyway.  I do have a surgeon who will perform the surgery but after talking things out with BG and Doc Endo we decided to try something else first.  I’d really rather not have my throat slit open, ya know what I mean?

So I am going to have a radioactive iodine treatment.  They give me a dose of radioactive iodine with the goal being “Must.Kill.Thyroid.”  Yeah, I’m going to attempt thyroidicide first.  I’ll probably have to stay in a hotel for a few days since I’ll be radioactive

 (between you and me I think I might be looking forward to that part, little vacation, little appreciation for Mama when she gets home since I won’t be here to do every damn thing).

  If it works part of my thyroid will die off and shrink so I can swallow again.

  (If I have such a hard time swallowing, how did I get so fat?  Ice cream is easy to swallow, I’m so not kidding, I really love me some ice cream!)

Before doing this I have to have a couple tests so they can determine the dose they need to give me.  Here’s the crap part of all this.  In order for the tests to be accurate and the treatment to work, I had to go off my medication.  Just when we finally got my levels right!  I didn’t realize how good I felt until I went off the stuff.  Because now?  Feel like shit.  Once again I can’t sleep, I have hand tremors, heart racing, sweating (my how feminine) and I am a bitch on wheels.  UGH!

I go for the testing on January 23.  Then I have to wait for the results of the tests, go for the initial consultation for the treatment, go for the treatment and then wait for up to twelve weeks for the treatment to have its full effect.  (Do you think my husband will survive?)

So here I am hyperthyroid (I am taking advantage of that in the weight loss department, I’ll tell you), hyperthyroid, dieting, PMSy and still no hot water heater!!!



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9 responses to “Thyroid Part 5,786a

  1. UGH. I am so sorry.

    My endocrinologist? Is great. The first one I had? Total ass. Even his nurses said he was an ass.

    I hope yours is not an ass.

  2. Radioactive? Not so much. Slicing open of the throat? No, thanks. Staying in a hotel? Would make the radioactive part MUCH easier!! Here’s hoping all goes well. Am curious about the thyroid stuff…been wondering if that’s a slight issue I had/may still have but, my doc brushed all my “whines” of not feeling right last summer to having had a baby.

  3. Sounds like fun in your house right now!

    I hope you feel better soon…

  4. A friend at work just had the iodine treatment.

    She stayed home and her husband and son went to stay with her parents while she was radioactive. But it worked like a charm!

    My entire family (but me) has thryoid issues. So I know the frustration of getting your levels right.

    This is why I get mine checked every year during my physical, I’m just waiting for it to strike me next.

    Hoping all goes well…..

  5. I really don’t know anything about this type of stuff but I’ll be glad to pray and read along. I pray everthing goes just perfect for you.

    Okay since I’m new you’ll have to explain the ice cream picture. JUST LOOKING AT IT MAKES ME HUNGRY!

  6. You must read Radioactive Girl’s blog. Write her. Get advice. She’s been there.

    How long will you be radioactive?

    What medication did you have to go off of?

    Yeah, I’m nosy, what of it?

  7. Oh that’s horrible, but, on the bright side, if it works, you are gonna feel sooooooo much better. Thyroidicide!!! LMFAO!

  8. What’s your favorite flavor ice cream? Hopefully that will be on the menu when you’re radioactive.

  9. Chick- nope not an ass

    Kellie- insist on a blood test
    Amy W., Brown Eyed Girl (“do you remember when..” sorry, can’t help it) and Rachel- Thanks I hope it works too.

    Vicki- I just love ice cream!

    CPA Mom- Thanks to you I have been in touch with Radioactive Girl several times. It depends on the dose they give me- anywhere from 2 days to ten days. I had to go off Tapazole. Yes you are nosy but that’s why I love you.

    Kurt- The answer to your question turned out to be so long, I’m just going to make it tonight’s post!

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