You Wanted To Know

Two things I have been asked recently:  What won’t you blog about?  and ice cream related stuff.

What won’t I blog about?  When I started this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything grossly negative about my husband.  He’s a good man and I don’t want anyone to think differently.  Sometimes someone (not me, mind you, just some random someone) may overreact and rant and rave and make others think he’s a complete jerk.  It would be unfair and hurtful to him and I would never want that.

I won’t blog any details about my job.  I like it.  I need it.  ‘Nough said.

I won’t blog anything that would embarrass my almost sixteen (holy crap, she’s going to be sixteen!) stepdaughter.  At her age almost anything can be embarrassing so I don’t write too much about her.  I will tell you she is smarter than you and me put together.  Seriously, straight A’s in Advanced Placement classes.  Good thing too, cause the Lord knows she’s going to need a scholarship to pay for college!

I don’t use their names.  I’m just private like that.

I think that’s it.  Maybe something else will come up in the future that’s off limits, who knows.

Ice cream related questions.

 I really do love ice cream.  When I chose the name for this blog I wanted something kinda cute, kinda catchy and kinda me.  That’s what I came up with.  I like it.

My favorite ice cream?  That’s a little harder to answer.  It all depends on the mood. 

For the most part I don’t like ice cream with alot of “stuff” in it.  I hate the Big Guy’s favorite, Rocky Road.  Too much stuff.  And incidentally, the only ice cream in the freezer right now. 

I like vanilla with pretzels crushed up on it. 

I like coffee ice cream but can’t stand drinking coffee, go figure. 

I like Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python but I spit out (my how lady-like) the chocolate cows because they taste funny.

I am a snob and will only eat the so called “premium” ice creams.  I swear I can taste the chemicals in the other brands.

I have an ice cream maker and when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll make my own.  You know how hard it is to get peach ice cream?

When I taught Sunday School I did a lesson that involved making ice cream in plastic bags wrapped with ice, salt and newspaper. 

I just love ice cream.

I can’t think of a good way to end this post, so

The End



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9 responses to “You Wanted To Know

  1. I like the premium brands, too, but I tend to think that’s ice cream’s like pizza-even when it’s not that great it’s still pretty good!

    The most delicious, addicting ice cream I ever tasted was from a company called Mike’s Home Made Ice Cream. They had a cheesecake flavor, and I have never tasted anything so good in my entire life. That stuff really tasted just like cheesecake. As you can imagine, it had tons more fat than most ice creams. I got to where I was stopping at Meijer’s every other day and buying a pint. Unfortunately, not long after I discovered it, Meijer’s quit selling it. Or, actually, I should say fortunately. If they hadn’t quit, I’d probably be 600 pounds instead of 300. I’ve never seen Mike’s brand anywhere else, and can’t find them online. I’m guessing they went out of business. Probably because all their customers got so addicted that they died of heart attacks.

  2. I almost died when I read vanilla ice cream with crushed up pretzels. HOW did I never think of that one? The sweet, the salty, mmmm. (Ahem, back to my diet. Sorry.)


  3. I try really hard not to say anything negative about the people I work with. Because although very few people in real life know about my blog, pretty much anyone who read it would know it was me. You know? The way I “speak” on my blog and how I act and react to the things that happen to me? It’s exactly how I am in real life.

    And believe me. I have many, many, MANY stories I could tell.

    I also try not to say very much bad about my husband. He’s a good guy. Sometimes he does insanely stupid things. But so do I. And no one writes about mine.

  4. Three words:

    Vanilla Cake Batter

    Best ice cream EVER! YUM, YUM, YUM!

  5. Why oh why did you post about ice cream and get me thinking, craving about my biggest vice? Do you hate me?

    I won’t blog anything mean about my family except for the ones who are HATEFUL to me: my Monster-in-laws, my SISTER, and my DAD. All four are fair game. HP, never – he reads it after all!

  6. I won’t blog too harshly about my husband, either. I can’t imagine that totally griping about one’s spouse in a public forum would go a long way in helping the marriage. Bleh. I’m pretty shocked, amazed and horrified at what some people will say about their supposed “loved” ones.

    As a general rule, I don’t grouse about my husband too much in Real Life, either. Long after I’ve forgiven him, it’s likely that my friends won’t have and that’s not fair to him because I married him for a reason. I have a friend who rarely says nice things about her husband so guess what? I don’t like him. She moaned about him on her blog once and was dismayed at the comments she got about him. Surprise?

  7. I won’t blog about work for the same reason…and I won’t blog bad about Ray cause, well, he reads it.

  8. My favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey!! YUMMO!

  9. I agree. Don’t blog about work. Bad idea.

    As for ice cream, I like Death by Chocolate from our local corner stores, Stewarts. And Mint Chocolate Chunk from Ben & Jerry’s.

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