Random Wednesday

More random thoughts.  I don’t know why I can’t think on Wednesdays.

  • I don’t really mean I stole the Weight Loss Wednesday.  I thought it was an internetty thing like Thursday Thirteen- open to anyone.  I’ve seen it on, I don’t know, 7 or 8 blogs.  If you are the original WLW person, please accept my apologies.
  • Once again I did not exercise.  I am so lazy I can barely stand myself.  So I’ll sit.
  • I don’t think smoking more is a medically accepted way to lose weight.
  • I tried those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.  Not bad but at $4.99 for six- not likely to be buying them all the time.  I don’t really like the sandwich part, but the ice cream was pretty good.
  • I’m actually going to put together my weight loss page.  Because I like the idea of more tabs at the top of my blog.
  • A woman I work with commented that my pants were loose.  She’s my new best friend!  (Sidenote:  she’s pregnant…with triplets!  No, she did not have three eggs implanted.  All you praying people out there- please put her & her hubs on your list, cause they are gonna need it!)
  • Grocery shopping took twice as long this week because I actually read labels.  E was really good.  She picked out a bunch of different fruit.  I’m so glad my kids will eat fruits and vegetables without any trouble.  I hope they keep that through life.
  • They (and just who the hell are they anyway?) say a 1-2 pound weight loss a week is good.  That means I will reach my goal in 50 to 100 weeks.  That seems long but seeing as it took a while to put it on…
  • New Year’s Eve 2008 I would like to wear a really hot dress.  Not that we actually go anywhere but I’d still like to wear a hot dress!
  • Have to go pays some bills now.
  • I hate paying bills.
  • You start out with a nice little balance and twenty minutes later you have $3.12 left.
  • Once again- no snappy ending.


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8 responses to “Random Wednesday

  1. Don’t worry, I don’t think you stole it. I reckon people just like the alliteration of all the W’s, hence the popularity. Also, Wendesday is a good day because you haven’t just had the potentially bad weekend smack you up the head.

  2. Oh my word..I never ever thought about it like that.

    1-2 lbs a week means 50-100 weeks for me too, which is just actually quite frightening..and 2008 should be my goal too but I’ll see your 2008 and raise you 2 months.

    By my 5th wedding anniversary (Oct. 25, 2008) I want to be at goal and wear a hot dress in Aruba on my vacation.

    I love Skinny Cows but only the vanilla or peanut butter ones. I love them more when they are on sale 2 for $7. That’s when they taste AWESOME.

    Natural triplets??? That’s just wrong. Wrong Wrong. But I will say a little prayer that all goes well.

  3. Thanks for the compliment about my blogroll. I seriously read them all. Every.day. Don’t tell my boss ‘k?

    I like skinny cow and weight watchers ice cream. the blue bunny light ones – not so much. very small.

  4. Snappy Endings are over rated =)

    Cake Recipe from Weight Watchers…

    1 can of Cream Soda
    1 strawberry cake mix

    pour together, stir. Will be lumpy. Bake until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

    for frosting get 1 tub of FF Coolwhip. 1 Box of FF Jello Strawberry, mix together, spead over cake.

    Enjoy. Very few calories or Fat Grams. Yummo!!!

    I’ve been cooking clean lately. It’s a new word for me. “Cooking Clean.” I try to use only fresh things to cook with. I’ve been using Rachel Ray’s new cookbook Express Lane. My family has loved everything so far. It’s fun to cook again!

  5. I love the Slim-a-bear ice cream sandwiches. They are usually less expensive than Skinny Cow and (in my humble opinion) taste better.

  6. Every time that I’ve gone on a diet, I’d lose 5 pounds really fast and then go through 3 weeks of NOTHING…..then another 5 would disappear….then another 3-4 weeks of nothing……then BAM! You get the picture. Hang in there.

    I have two friends that have had triplets; one (OOPS!) the natural way, and one the IVF way. They both did great, no problems other than mandatory bed rest around 30 weeks. I could go for a little mandatory bed rest right now. And some brownies.

  7. I stole WLW from Frema, who stole it from Margarita Madness. From there, I have no idea. Stealing ideas is a form of flattery. Or so I tell myself while stealing them.

    Your estimation of time for 100 pounds is about right, but you’ll see that you have faster months and slower months. I went down 83.5 pounds in 54-ish weeks. Sometimes it seems like it is flying off, and those are the times that keep me going.

    Make sure to take pictures of yourself! It helps to see your progress. :0)

  8. I’m a new poster here….found your site through Kellie’s. I know exactly what your going through with the whole weight loss thing. I too am going through the same thing…to exercise or not?? Sit or move? haah to feel guilt or not? Isn’t dieting so much fun!!??

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