In the spirit of full disclosure (I have got to stop reading lawyer fiction).  Anyway, those three pounds I lost last week?  Pretty damn sure I gained them back in the last 24 hours.  Must.get.back.on.wagon.  Somebody give me a boost!



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7 responses to “Confession

  1. First of all, why is it that it takes 7 days of being good to lose 3 pounds and 30 minutes of being bad to put it all back on? It’s maddening!

    Now, on to the encouraging words. If you don’t allow yourself the occasional “cheat,” you’ll never make it to the end. You can’t beat yourself up about it. Vow that tomorrow will be better, grab yourself a piece of celery, and get back on the wagon!

    A couple days of being good, and I bet the three pounds comes right back off.

  2. I think your hot.

    How’s that for a boost?

  3. Like Susan said…if you don’t give yourself a small cheat now and then, it’ll never work. And, you can’t feel bad about it. Losing weight is EXTREMELY tough!!

    You can do it….we all know you can. Go buy that hot dress for New Year’s you were talking about in the size you want/will be by then and hang it where you see it everyday. Kinda like the Yoplait yogurt commerical with the polka dot bikini!!

    That said….here’s a silly poem:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You can lose the weight,
    We all have faith in YOU!!

    I know..I’m a moron….but, I bet you giggled a bit??

  4. Cheat away! Then get right back on. Even if breakfast was bad, you can still do fine the rest of the day. I diet like this every week. :O)

  5. I agree with the above. A little cheat now and then is what keeps us going long term. That’s why I’m having a little non-weight watchers Italian tonight. So I don’t eat an entire carton of Starbucks Coffee Coffee ice cream instead.

  6. Get your ass back on the wagon! Is that a good boost?

  7. The best thing you can do after a “gain” or “fall” off the proverbial wagon (BTW has anyone ever really rode ON this actual wagon? Is it red like a Radio Flyer or puke green because no one really wants to ride on it) is to remember that life is not perfection and you’re not going to “stick with it” every second of every day until you die.

    So you were bad or not as good or whatever…today is a new day. Rather than CONTINUE to be not as good…put it behind you, get up and start over.

    You can do this.

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