1 – 20

I first saw this over at That Chick’s but now have seen it a bunch of places.  Since I need a wagon to jump on- this is the one I pick (yeah yeah, I’m jumping back on the diet wagon too, but Chick’s is more fun)

  1. Times I’ve been married.
  2. Daughters I have
  3. Births I’ve witnessed (including my one)
  4. Age E will be in March
  5. Number of siblings I have
  6. Years I’ve been married
  7. Cars I’ve owned
  8. Age I was when my youngest brother was born.
  9. Years I’ve been with the Big Guy.
  10. Years I’ve been at my job.
  11. Total nieces and nephews I have.
  12. Age I was when I started smoking.
  13. Age difference between me & the Big Guy (yup, he robbed the cradle)
  14. Age I was when my first friend had a baby.  She was 14 also.
  15. Age I was when I had my first “real” kiss.
  16. Age Sis will be on her next birthday.
  17. Age I graduated high school
  18. Number of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I could eat right now.  But won’t.  But want to.  I won’t.  I hope.
  19. My lucky number.
  20. Umm, number of fingers and toes I have.


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5 responses to “1 – 20

  1. I saw this on her blog, too 🙂 Borrowed it, started the draft of it and got stuck with some of the numbers. I guess it’s a work in progress 🙂

  2. Huh, 6 and 9, eh? You had a long lead-up to marriage like I did. And 5 siblings! I often wonder what it would be like to not be an only-child.

  3. IMpressive…like I said to Kellie..this is very difficult…but you both managed to complete it! Kudos.. so did you give in to #18??

  4. “13”: My 2nd husband was 14 years older than me. Sometimes, age really doesn’t matter.

    “18”: that is about how many bowls of ice cream I want right now.

    “6”: It’ll be six years for us in May this year. Whoot!!

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