A House With A View, Part Two


Some people commented that they couldn’t see the picture.  I checked while I was at work and I saw it just fine.  When I looked at it just now, I couldn’t see it from my home computer.  So let’s try this and see if we can see!



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8 responses to “A House With A View, Part Two

  1. That’s more like it. You are one of the few who posted with some decent grass, most places are either too hot (me) or too cold (everyone else).

    Must be a fairly safe neighborhood if the kids can play out front.

  2. So is that a paved alley? I can’t believe how green the grass is!

  3. It’s great to add some visuals to all the words that get bandied about on our blogs. Helps put things in perspective.

    That’s a cute street you live on!

  4. Ok I’m jealous. Your grass is sooo green. 🙂

  5. my grass is green, too.

    I can see your picture now.

    Ice-cream sounds wonderful, too.

    I’ve got to hit the sack…..
    I’ll be back

  6. Yes, I can see this picture! Pretty impressive, green grass…

  7. Finally, I can see the picture.Whew. OH and I tagged you for a meme on my site. Don’t hate me– it’s short! 🙂

  8. Glad you reposted – I couldn’t see your photo, either.

    LOVE the green grass! Seems like so many folks have snow – yours is almost Spring-like!

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