A House With A View

Edited May 6, 2007:  I don’t know where the picture went off to but trust me it looks the same as the May 7, 2007 post.  Only the missing picture was in the daylight.

This is the view from my back door.  We do not ever use our front door.  We live on a super highway.  Not really but our house sits back about fifteen feet from a 45 mph road.  I can’t remember the last time I opened my front door.  Maybe when it was raining and I wanted to get the mail.  We usually just walk around from the back to get the mail.  It would be easier to just open the front door- the box is on the house.  I’ll just think of it as exercize.

That’s our squirrel tree.  Just above the picture, ya know where you can’t see, is a hole.  Squirrels have made that hole their home.  I don’t like squirrels (except the blogging kind– those I love).  They are rats with bushy tails.  Now I know some people may think squirrels are cute.  I am not one of those people.

You can also see a corner of our awesome and by awesome I mean minuscule, play yard.  E loves this thing.  She is quite the climber.  Mama on the other hand can only watch through her fingers and cringe when the little daredevil performs her death defying feats.  From a whole four feet off the ground.  I’m a wuss, what can I say?

To the left of the picture is our driveway.  This is where we park the Mercedes, Lexus, Rolls Royce,  ok ok, this is where we park our Fords.  Yes Fords plural.  We have two.  They were cheap, what can I say.

That street that runs along the back is very narrow.  You have to really be careful if there is someone coming from the opposite direction.  It’s tough when you have a non-neighborhood person trying to do it.  They just continue along and suddenly realize, “Hey there just ain’t enough room for us both, maybe I’ll move over, nah, let’s just run her off the road into her neighbor’s yard instead.”  Ass. 

That’s my cute little yard.  Maybe we could have a playdate some time.

Head over to Catching Light to check out the other views.



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15 responses to “A House With A View

  1. We’ve got that slide, too! It’s held up through three kids!

  2. I’m not seeing that picture ????

  3. I’m not seeing the picture either. . . 😦

  4. I’m really not sure what to do about not seeing the picture. When I look it is there. Does anyone have any ideas?

  5. Oh my nosey self is so happy today!!

    I am content. =)

  6. I’m not having any trouble seeing the picture. How strange!

  7. I can see the picture just fine and it’s perfectly lovely.

    I might take a photo similar to this tonight, if I remember between work and Girl Scouts…

  8. The picture just takes a few seconds to come up. Be patient. I know I had to tell myself to be patient. I tend to hit “refresh” over and over. Where was I? Oh, I used to have that playset too. We have three other things now instead. I love Step2 and Little Tykes. And they love my paycheck.

  9. I couldn’t see it at first. It takes a minute to load.

    I can’t wait to get a playset in our yard this summer.

    I’m sure they’ll love my paycheck too.

  10. Sorry – I can’t see the pictures either. Bummer.

  11. I can’t see any pictures either. It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!!

  12. Aw thanks. I’m glad you reposted the picture because I couldn’t see it before!

  13. I couldn’t see the picture earlier but now I can. I’m glad I checked back. Just hate it when those non-locals come by and don’t know the rules. Hate it when I am the non-local doing dumb things too. I like to think if I have an out of town plate people will forgive me.

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