5 Things About Me

Hollow Squirrel tagged me for this meme.  I love these things, I don’t know why. 

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 5 facts about yourself. Then choose 5 people you want to tag and list their names. Then leave a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Five facts about myself.  Let’s see if I can come up with five things that won’t put you to sleep.

  1. I have tattoos.  Seven of them.  I have a Fantasia Mickey Mouse on my right hip.  The rest of them are on my back.  A few are clustered close together so it looks like I have three but , six different ones.  I have a parrot, rose, tiger lilies, hummingbird, and a fairy.  Years ago when I was in my sister’s wedding she made me buy that heavy duty make up for port wine stains to cover up the tats.  When I got married I purposely got a dress that was square cut in the back so you could SEE them.  My mother-in-law didn’t know quite what to say.  Too late!  He’s mine now!
  2. I am the oldest of six.  Four brothers and one sister.  There is only an eight year difference between me and the youngest.  I have no idea how my mom did it.
  3. My love for chocolate knows no bounds.  When my babiest brother got married four years ago (on my birthday!) I made the head table centerpiece out of chocolate.  The whole thing was edible.  It was an ocean scene with coral, fish, sunken pirate ship, lobsters and a bunch of other things.  It was five feet long and weighed a ton.  After the cake was cut everyone was invited to come and eat it!  I have got to get some pictures from him and show this thing to you. 
  4. My favorite magazine is Reader’s Digest.  Jokes, interviews, heart warming stories, the perfect read.
  5. I hit the snooze button at least three times before I finally get my ass out of bed.  I have to set the alarm extra early because I know I’m going to do this.

So there’s my five things.  I tag these guys.  If you hate memes, I’m sorry.  Just let me know & I won’t tag you again. 

Kelly at My Little Corner of Life

That Chick- you know the One Over There

Brown Eyed Girl who Puts the FUN in dysFUNctional


Wopalockapino- say it out loud, it’s fun!

Tag!  You’re it!



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4 responses to “5 Things About Me

  1. Ha–LOVE the tattoo tale…bet the look on the MIL’s face was priceless!!

    Chocolate centerpiece? This I gotta see. Now, I want chocolate. Speaking of…I found a new form of chocolate today….Limited Edition Hershey bar WITH brownie “morsels” in it. Does it get ANY better than THAT??!!

    I LOVE being tagged–makes me feel special and I do a happy dance in the dining room 🙂 I’ll work on mine and tag others…thanks!

  2. I love these! It is my life’s goal to tell other’s random facts about myself! Seriously! 🙂

    That Chick- Clogging up the internet with crap about herself since 2006.

  3. I have one tattoo.

    I have got to see that chocolate centerpiece. How did you make it? Have you made any others? I used to make molded chocolate stuff on the holidays.

    Reader’s digest is good for stoplight reading.

    I set my alarm early too, to allow for snooze button hitting.

  4. I have no tattoos but I love Reader’s Digest.

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