Green, Green Grass

I had so much fun yesterday looking at everyone’s views!  I also got 147 hits which is a record for me.

I got a few comments about the grass being so green.  I took the picture on Sunday.  Monday morning when I woke up there was some snow on the ground.  Not much but you couldn’t really see the grassy greenness.  Unfortunately I do not live in a tropical area.  Damn.  Friday we are supposed to be in the single digits. 



The greenness of the grass is all due to the Big Guy.  BG loves his grass.  You have no idea.  We live in a very sandy area, just a couple blocks from the beach (which would be great, except I don’t do sand).  Most houses in the hood have dirt or stone.  There is one other house with grass in our neighborhood.  One other man with the grassy obsession.  He and the Big Guy are bestest friends.  They talk grass, they compare grass care products, they debate the merits of blue grass versus fescue.    They are geeks. 

People in the neighborhood marvel at the wonder that is our lawn. 

They are jealous of us. 

Jealous of our grass.



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3 responses to “Green, Green Grass

  1. As always, you crack me up!! My landlord is anal retentive about our lawn and while it IS nice to have the nicest lawn in the development, it IS a bit of a joke with me (at his expense!!).

  2. Grass geeks! That is a new one on me.

  3. Most of my dad’s entire life revolves around making his lawn as green as possible and achieving the perfect level of chlorine in his pool.

    I think it’s a boy thing.

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