Check It Out

Karen over at Troll Baby has a great idea.  Check it out.  Really go now, she explains it better than I can.  I’ll wait.

You back?  I spent an over an hour cruising through her blogroll yesterday.  Some on the list I already read but others, well let’s just say my Bloglines have increased dramatically!

I had a hard time picking just one.  I may have to make this a weekly thing- New to Me Tuesday or something.  Except today is Wednesday.  Whatever. 

Today I want you to check out the newest addition to my Bloglines:  Talking to Myself.

Reasons to read this blog, seriously, you need to read this blog:

The title.  I can relate.  And let’s face it- so can you.

Her tagline.

Holy hell, this is one funny woman. 

Her 100 Things= “100 Bullshit Things”  love her just for that.

She says wench.  A lot.  I have an urge to call all of you wenches right now.  Then go bang Johnny Depp.  As if I need an excuse for that.

Confession Monday.

Random bitching.

Anything I say would just be inadequate.  Go and see for yourself.

Now it’s your turn.  Pick a new to you blog (feel free to use my blogroll).  Read their archives and then give them an intro to your readers.  And if you see Johnny Depp, give him my number.  



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8 responses to “Check It Out

  1. You funny….you very funny lady!! I checked the blog you’re pluggin’ here and GOOD GOD–she funny lady, too 🙂

  2. You need to change my web address on your blog roll. Just sayin’. I’m off to check off this new read of yours.

  3. I checked her out and she is damn funny. I had to add her to my blogroll! Thanks for the linky!!

  4. J.

    I’m having a Sally Field moment.

    Thank you chicklet! What an awesome post!!!
    I’m so undeserving. Really. Honest.

    (but I lap that stuff up … tell me more, tell me more)


  5. When I have time to surf I often choose a random blogroll and go through the links.

  6. You ARE my new blog! I actually added you to my bookmarks after reading you the first time! I like you. You’re funny, smart, clever….blah, blah, blah. I’ve got several blogs that I still need to add to my blogline (yours included). I’m just to darn lazy to get around to it!

    I’m honored to be included in yours!

  7. I would love it if you’d call me a wench. It would be fun.

  8. I’d love to leave a comment about how great Karen’s idea was, because it totally was and my own BlogLines page is overflowing, but I’m too distracted because my husband is forcing me to watch something on the History channel about algae. In testtubes. LIFE-SIZED, 6′ TEST TUBES. FILLED WITH ALGAE.

    and my brain just turned to goo.

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