Weight Holding Wednesday

Starting weight: 266.5

Goal weight: 166.5

Today’s weight: 259

Lost this week: 0

Total lost: 7.5 and holding

Well I didn’t lose anything, but I didn’t gain anything either.  That, my friends, is a miracle.


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3 responses to “Weight Holding Wednesday

  1. Bethany, take the small miracles where you can. I have been updating my Weight Loss War blog with my online food journal but I haven’t started active exercise or got on the scale..but I can already tell that I’ve lost a few pounds because my pants fit better.

    However, this week..Aunt Flo makes her visit..(just in time for my vacation- JOY) and I know that’s my hardest week as far as discipline and not eating everything chocolate…and my weight loss.

    Keep on it..don’t give up….you can do it. Oh..and thanks for tagging me, I felt special.


  2. Whoot! Holding is AWESOME.

  3. Honi

    Way to go Bethany.. staying the same is great… gives your body a second or two to adjust to the fine tuning of what you have already lost… keep on course… You can sail that ship… I have no idea why am in a nuatical mood.. ie keep on course u can sail that ship…. bottom line though.. You can do this.. dream it, believe it, do it.. live it!

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