Random Randomness

  • Today is my stepdaughter’s 16th birthday.  I can’t believe she’s 16!!
  • I asked her the other day if she could have anything she wanted for her b-day what would it be.  She said iPod.  But she knew it wasn’t likely because if she was going to get it she’d have gotten it for Christmas. 
  •  We got her an iPod.  She’s going to piss her pants.
  • That’s my birthday gift goal- making people piss their pants.
  • I’m watching “I Love New York” on VH1 while I type this.
  • Yup, I have no taste in tv anymore.
  • I’m  feeling a bit depressed.  I’m not sure why, everything is going reasonably well.  I don’t know, I’ll figure it out eventually.
  • I am extremely boring and bored tonight.  I stopped by my friend’s house this morning between errands.  She said,”What’s going on?  There’s nothing on your blog today.”  Is it weird that I liked to hear that?
  • Went to check out a new preschool today.  E goes to my sister-in-law’s three full days and to a preschool two days for 2 1/2 hours.  Big Guy thinks she needs to have more preschool time next year to prep for kindergarten.  I agree so I went to look at this school.  I loved it!  It’s everything I want in a preschool AND cheaper than what I pay now.
  • Went for this 24 hour thyroid test.  Tuesday morning I went in, they gave me a (slightly) radioactive iodine pill.  I went back six hours later for a scan and uptake.  I had to go back Wednesday for the 24 hour uptake.  (I have to have this test so the doc can decide how much radioactive iodine I need to kill my thyroid.  I decided to try this before surgery.)  So I go back Wednesday after rearranging the day care drop off with the Big Guy.  I figure I’ll be 15 minutes late for work and that’s fine with the boss.  Guess what?  The machine broke.  I sat there for TWO hours while they tried to fix the machine.  I couldn’t go somewhere else because my previous levels were done on this machine.  I go to work and they call me and say the machine is getting a part and could I come in at 7:00.  Fine.  I get there at seven and finally get seen at 8:00.  The 24 hour test is now a 36 hour test.  Today I’m told it’s no good, I have to do it again.  I have to wait four days for the first pill to be out of me.  Then I have to take two days out of my life to do this frickin test again.  Nothin’s ever easy.
  • Wake up!! You’re drooling on the keyboard and that can’t be good for it.
  • Sorry to have bored the life out of you.
  • Ice Cream Mama- the new cure for insomnia.
  • I have bored myself.


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13 responses to “Random Randomness

  1. That is an outstanding goal–giving super, piss-your-pants, just punch you in the neck and spit on your arm, outstanding gifts. I should shoot for that goal too. We all should. ‘Course, that would be a lot of spitting… we could probably let that bit go.

  2. Oh yeah! I almost forgot… Thanks for saying you’d share your ice cream with me! I’m honored. (Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk, if you don’t mind) 🙂

  3. You’ve got yourself one way cool blog! I enjoy visiting here.

  4. Don’t you hate it when you are depressed and have no clue why?? Oh they joys of being a female!!! For nothing to write about..I was surely hooked to the very end! 🙂

  5. Don’t be depressed! I would be like, “I’m hella cool!” if I made someone piss their pants with glee.

    Also, I think you’re hot! We are totally secret girlfriends.

  6. oooh! Bad week!

    If it makes you feel better, your birthday goal made me LOL…..and pee in my pants…..

  7. Good goal. I try to do the same, just not describe it that way exactly….

    I’m never bored here. I miss you when you don’t write. I’m the boring one!

    Depression doesn’t care if we have something to be depressed about. Believe me. I’ve fought the good fight for years.

  8. J.

    Making others piss their pants is definitely a good goal to aspire to.

    Sucks about that test though.

  9. I wasn’t bored 🙂 Sorry the test has to be done again. Yippee on the preschool thing!! My taste in television is crap now, too, so don’t feel alone.

  10. Honi

    OHHHHHHHHHHH my gosh that was so not boring!!!!!! .. I love to read anything that makes me smile… sorry about the test.. that can be a royal pain. I hope the next go round works like clock work for you…
    Randomness is a great thing always… its good to be random..
    Have a great weekend and I look forward to my daily jaunts to your blog.. its wonderful!!!

  11. Doctor’s appointments never take as little time as you expect them to. I hope the next test actually works out this time.

    I agree with the preschool thing. It really prepared my 6 year old for Kindergarten, much better than i couldv’e.

    My birthday is in August so I will be ready to piss my pants!

  12. There is nothing better than giving a kid a gift they are dying for. The reaction is well worth the price paid anyday!

  13. I hate appts like that!

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