It is something like -3 degrees with the wind chill here.

Let me tell you something:

I don’t smoke in my house.

I don’t smoke in my car (at least not with the kidlets in it).

I don’t smoke in my office.

I go outside to smoke.

If this weather keeps up, I will probably quit smoking just because I hate the cold.



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9 responses to “BRRRRR!!!!

  1. Shit, I tell myself that every damn winter. I, like you, don’t smoke in the house, the car, the office, anywhere but outside.

  2. And I thought 13 was cold when I took my daughter out to the bus stop this morning.

  3. All of us that hate the cold….let’s go to Aruba. Girls only. No boys or little people allowed.

  4. I feel your pain! It is friggin cold…way to cold! I was liking the no winter thing that was going on about hmm …2 weeks ago!! I hear that..once this cold snap is over (within the next 2 weeks) that will be our will go back to mild like before…one can only pray!!

    Stay Warm!!

  5. That is really freaking cold. I’m so sorry. I thought 18 was awful.

  6. Aruba? Hey, I don’t like the cold either, but no boys? Maybe I’ll just stop commenting here if you guys are going to be discriminating!


  7. Yeah for cold if it makes you quit the evil weed. I totally will NOT go shopping with you if you are still smoking next year when we achieve our great weight loss goals.

  8. Where was the middle ground? It was 70 one week and 20 the next! It’s like the bottom just fell out! I’ll be the first to admit that the warm winter weather was bugging me, but a little transition would have been nice! Sheesh!

  9. I enjoy post-Christmas winter with all of its snow and icy temperatures for about five minutes every year. Then I gripe until spring arrives.

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