Weight Loss Wednesday

Starting weight: 266.5

Goal weight: 166.5

Today’s weight: 257.5

Lost this week: 1.5

Total lost: 9 pounds

I am glad I lost nine pound but I’m also kind of disappointed in myself.  I know I can do better than this.  I still haven’t exercised and I know this is key.  Yet I still don’t do it.  Hopefully when I finally get my thyroid issues dealt with I can really focus on losing weight and quitting smoking.



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9 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday

  1. Congrats on the 9 pounds, that’s a lot!

    Work in exercise as you can, when you can and don’t fret if you can’t right now. Obviously you are losing weight without exercise to begin with.

  2. What do you mean disappointed? Do I need to come up there and kick your ass? 9 lbs. is WONDERFUL! That is only 1 lb away from 2 bags of sugar! Go to the store, pick up two bags of sugar and see what you lost girlfriend! You Rock!

    well, except for the smoking thing….TEHEHEHEHE…

  3. Do I , too, need to come kick your ass? Don’t be bummed. It’s better than having gained weight??!! You’re doing great.

  4. Never use “loss” and “disappointed” in the same sentence.

    Or I’ll CUT YOU.

  5. You guys crack me up!

    If you all came to kick my ass at the same time we could have a party!

  6. Never be disappointed in your weight loss. Every single pound counts. Just visualize it. 1.5 pounds is 6 sticks of butter. That is alot! Congrats!

  7. Look, see it. Hoodia Gordonii Plus. Your post is really helpful.

  8. Woooo! that is awesome progress!

  9. I think your doing awesome!! Like the others said…losing is much better than gaining. I’m in the same boat as you are…trying to lose..and it isn’t easy by any means!! 9 lbs is a lot!! (it’s better than gaining the 9 right??) Don’t get down on yourself…remember baby steps!! Oh yeah..if you figure out a way to quit smoking..FILL ME IN!!!

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