I May Set My Desk On Fire

It is -6 with the wind chill here.  The Weather Channel has a severe weather advisory because it’s going to get colder.

The heat is broken at my job.  My hands are almost too cold to type this.  If it’s not fixed soon I am out of here.



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9 responses to “I May Set My Desk On Fire

  1. that made me cold just reading it!

  2. I’ve SO been where you are. Go. Leave. Be warm. At Target 🙂

    It’s downright freezing here. With the wind chill, it’s suppose to be -15 to -20…..the child and I are not leaving the house…

  3. I’m feeling it here too! I love winter, don’t get me wrong. But this is just too.freakin’.cold.


  4. I would definitely be leaving! That’s horrible!

  5. I’m totally wearing gloves and a scarf as I type this – wishing I had ear muffs. Go run your hands under the hot water in the bathroom – that oughta help for a few minutes. It’s too damn cold – be gone winter!

  6. I would’ve already been gone!! I’m sorry but it’s winter. I must have heat!

  7. Oh holy crap! I hope you (went to Target!!) to warm up.

  8. As Hollow Squirrel would say “Sweet Sally Struthers!” Yeah, she is a funny girl. HS, that is, not Sally.

    I hope you left work.

    I hope you are considering moving down here to be my neighbor.

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