This is Bethany’s friend Jo and I am writing to tell you that I am on the phone with her and she is extremely pissed that there is NO internet connection in the hotel she is staying in, she is bored and misses you alot, and did I mention she’s bored…and she is damn straight getting this shit fixed tomorrow.

The treatment went fine and so far no side effects other than everything tastes funny. Hopefully she will be back with you all tomorrow!!! I personally feel simply terrible for her and hope you all do to as she is away from her icecreambaby and her beloved computer!! Let’s all post to her so she has plenty of material to read when she get’s this damn shit fixed tomorrow!!  Bye



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5 responses to “Update

  1. D

    Hey YOU! Straighten that stuff out as soon as you can and get some internet access – I’ll miss my nightly check ins without you! Either way – try your best to enjoy this “free” time without anyone up your butt! Its a rare occasion for a mom to have a moment alone – although I know how much you miss them! I understand – trust me I do! Take care of you and can’t wait to hear from you!

  2. No internet service??!! What in all of the name that is holy is THAT about? They call themselves a HOTEL??!!

    Anyway…I hope you’re feeling as good as one can when glowing. I hope all of this provides the answers needed to get you better and put it behind you.

    I know all of us that read your blog are thinking of you. I had an extra piece of cake today…JUST FOR YOU!!! (psst….so did Kurt…but, don’t tell him I told you, okay??).

  3. Ditto what Kellie said about the hotel. That’s just a travesty. Yeah, travesty is the word I’d choose.

    Ha! Busted, Kellie! That’s Ok, though, I DID have an extra piece of cake. A big ol’ messy and delicious piece. ‘Course, I coulda used some Redi-Whip too.

    Got a movie post to get you thinking over at my site. Hope you enjoy it. And we’re thinking of you.

  4. J.

    No internet? Girl where’d you book yourself into??? Motel 6?
    teeheeee ….
    Glad you’re doing well.

  5. Oh hell naw! I’d be talkin to the manager ASAP. Glad you’re not having any side effects though, that’s great. Maybe by the time you see this you will already be home!

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