I Am Back Online!!

My husband is the best.  After listening to me complain last night, he boogied on over and took care of this shit for me!  Now I have my internet back!

The Big Guy checked me in to the hotel last night.  The supposedly four star hotel.  J, Mama don’t do cheap, nasty hotels!  I had to call my mom and my 87 brothers and sisters to let them know everything was cool.  Then I could finally eat.  I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for eight hours before the treatment and then two hours after, so I hadn’t eaten since the night before.  Yup, hungry.  So I didn’t check the internet until 8:00 and there was NO DAMN INTERNET!

Blah, blah, blah, bored, bored, bored.  Long story short I’m back.  And I can read all of your posts. 


  • I had to have a pregnancy test before they would give me the treatment.  Since my lovely Aunt Flo, that bitch, came to visit at lunch time, I knew I wasn’t pregnant.
  • We spent alot of time waiting.
  • They took me into the treatment room.  They made BG wait in the hall.
  • We waited some more.
  • Doctor explained everything in the slowest, most drawn out, no personality way he could.
  • The treatment consisted of a pill.
  • Just a pill.
  • The doc said the pill is kind of big.  I said great.
  • He made me put a glove on.
  • He dumped the pill from the container into my gloved hand.
  • My multi vitamin is bigger than this pill.  Hell, a Tylenol is the same size as this pill.
  • Then I swallowed the pill from my gloved hand.
  • Ya getting that?
  • He made me glove up so I wouldn’t touch the pill but then I had to swallow the pill.
  • Stupid.

Side effects:

  • My mouth is dry.
  • My tongue feels like its got a film on it.
  • My chin and neck area are swollen and tender.

All in all I feel okay.  Thanks for your comments and love.  Now I am off to visit you!!



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11 responses to “I Am Back Online!!

  1. Go figure…your hand can’t make contact with the pill, but your innards can? Interesting.

    Glad you’re doing so well. Happy your internet is working for you. If it had been me with no internet, I’d have gone INSANE. Might have had to watch television or (gasp!!) read a book 🙂

  2. Waiting sucks. Just gives your head more time to think, and if you’re a worrier or someone who stresses easily, not a good thing.

    Hopefully Doctor Blah is good at his job if not his delivery. Maybe when they stand around having their smokes and lattes they try and out-dull each other. Maybe it comes naturally after years and years of med school and the ensuing cynicism of dealing with non-doctors. Or maybe he’s just as dry as the Arizona dessert.

    Yeah… not sure I get that glove bit.

  3. I’m very glad you’re doing ok.

    My sister has to have her thyroid removed on the 22nd. Basically her crappy no personality doctor informed her that it’s cancer without saying so.

    Her and her thyroid issues…have been going on for years.

  4. You could have read a book or watched a movie….much more interesting than my drivel at least.

    A pill? Just a Pill? And the glove thing – so wrong.

    How long will you be in the hotel again?

  5. Seriously? That’s funny they made you put a glove on.

  6. Please don’t touch this, but go ahead and eat it! WTF? Glad the side effects are minimal and that you’re back online!

  7. In a rather geeky, and possibly annoyingly male way.. I have a potential explanation on the Pill and the glove.

    I suspect part of the recommendations is not kissing anyone for a while? Glove on hand avoids contaminating your hand.. that’s not for your benefit, it’s for the benefit of everyone else that touches someplace your hand will be.

    Now the inside of your mouth.. covered by the whole “not kissing anyone” thing. Drinking glasses.. hopefully to be washed before someone else uses them.

    Then again why would the outside of this pill be that toxic??

  8. So glad things went okay for you. Other than your not fun side effects, of course.

    The glove thing is pretty crazy.

  9. I’m so happy to hear you are doing well!! Also to hear your internet is up and running! I know I’m lost without my computer and/or internet connection at home so I can only imagine what its like in a hotel room!! So how long do these side effects last?? When are you able to go home?? Are you at least enjoying (if at all possible under the circumstances) your peace and quiet??

    What’s up with the glove?? That’s so odd…did you ask why you needed to wear one?? very interesting! They made you wait to take a friggin pill?? SO typical isn’t it! I swear, we are all at the mercy of our doctors…WHY??

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! I know you will beat this!!! Keep thinking positive!!

  10. Glad to hear you’re doing okay. It’s pretty goofy that you can swallow a pill but not touch it. How long will you be in the hotel for?
    Good luck and happy reading

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