I Seem To Have Spoken Too Soon

Yeah, the side effects have kicked in.  They are all normal side effects but I still feel lousy.

My neck is swollen and it’s even harder to swallow than usual.  The inside of my mouth is swollen and my mouth is really dry.  I have a slight fever.  All normal but still sucky.

I’m not supposed to be around the kidlet until after 5 pm tomorrow.  Since I have to check out of here by 11 am, my mom is going to take E to her house. 

 I am going to try to get some sleep.  That’s if the marching band in the room above me will stop practicing for the Orange Bowl.  Okay, one person with a heavy tread, but still, STOP PACING!



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12 responses to “I Seem To Have Spoken Too Soon

  1. I think Kellie had a solution to upstairs loudies. She proposed sweeping the ceiling with her rollerblades on broomsticks. I said it was a bad idea because she wouldn’t be able to get in the corners very well.

  2. Screw the corners–sweep the ceilings with roller blades!!

    Seriously…sorry you’re feeling sucky. Hope you can get home tomorrow and rest before the kidlet comes back.

  3. WEll I would definitely be putting a call into the upstairs ppl and telling them to KNOCK off the noise!!! You live there too!! I hope you feel better tomorrow and are able to get some rest without all the noise!!!!

  4. Sorry sweetie. Hope the marching band settles down and you can get some rest.

  5. I’m sorry. I hope you can get some rest.

    Being away from the kiddo is hard enough..but to feel crappy on top of that.

    Get some rest.

  6. I did not know you were undergoing a procedure. I hope things work out well for you and all is good in the end.

    P.S. I do envy you that couple days stay in a hotel alone! I could use a good dose of solitude today!

  7. Hopefully you were able to get some sleep and will recover better at home.

  8. I will contact my other band geeks and tell them to quit practicing…

    In the meantime, get some rest.

  9. Watch your mail. I had something sent to you that will lift your spirits. Take care, you!! Let me know if you need me to send men in black pjs to take care of the marching band.

  10. Hang in there Bethany…!!!! please let us know what the treatment reveals.. if all goes well you should be home by the time you see this… Much luck..

  11. Just checking in on you…. I hope you manage some rest. Hang in there!

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