Why I Love Where I Live

It’s Fun Monday again.  Head over to I Didn’t Say It Was Your Fault for all of the participants.

This Monday’s topic- Why I love where I live.

O town of mine, how do I love thee?  Let me try not to think of exorbitant property taxes, crooked politicians and outrageous traffic.  (I feel better getting that out.)

My town was found to be The Safest City in America.  That’s right if you come here your chances of being murdered are slim.  I would say that is a very good thing.

Hmm. Now the whole internet knows what town I live in.  Oh well, if you are going to stalk me make sure you bring cake…and ice cream.

My town has a great school system.  With our property taxes, they damn well better!

We have public parks and beaches.  While I’m not into sand,ya know the whole in the crack of your ass thing, I do love the ocean.  It’s great to know that I can smell the sea breezes from my house.  Except of course when it’s more like a sea stink, then not so much.

We have a boardwalk with amusements and rides for the kids.  It’s great to be able to take the kids out for something special.  Every Easter weekend there is a two for one ticket sale so you don’t have to break the bank to take them there in the middle of the summer! 

We have every store you could want in our town.  Well I should say we have every store that a middle aged, perpetually broke mother would want.  By this I mean Target.  And WalMart.  Old Navy on a good day.  It’s not like there’s a Sephora across the street, you know what I mean.

We are an hour or so away from New York City and Philadelphia.  Two of the greatest cities in the world about an hour away.  When was the last time I was in either one?  Over a year ago.  I have to get out more.

We have seasons.  Now this might not matter to some, but I like to experience the different seasons.  Although, let’s be honest, I could do without winter.

I live here and that’s reason enough to love it.  Or some may find that reason enough to stay away.

I don’t want to make you guys love my town too much because, did I mention the outrageous traffic problem?



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17 responses to “Why I Love Where I Live

  1. I love the beach, the boardwalk sounds like fun! I’m coming to visit!

  2. I’m coming to visit, too!! I’ll bring cake AND ice cream!! It does sound like a nice place to live…without the traffic!!

  3. It’s nice cause you are there.


  4. min

    I wish we had seasons. I’d love to come visit and see what Autumn is like–I’ve seen pictures.

  5. I’ll stay right here! I don’t want to contribute to the problem. LOL!

    Although, I must admit….I was tempted by the beaches, parks, boardwalks…..you’re not making me want to hang around here!

  6. Safest town in America?? Sounds good! That means I can come and visit and might even get out alive!! Woohoo!!

  7. I’m headed to the refrigerator for some ice cream…thank you very much.

  8. Anywhere with low crime rates sounds the ideal spot to live lucky you.

  9. An hour from New York, sounds good to me.

  10. Kellie is lying, she will not bring cake, lol! Sounds like a nice place to live!

  11. You can’t beat living in the safest town in America. Funny thing is, I’ve actually been there.

  12. Beach, boardwalk, safety – seems like you’ve got it made (And only being 1 hour away from the big cities!)

  13. I’m going to check it out on mapquest.

    Do you get alot of birds?…being so close to the ocean breezes, Usually that is a draw for all creatures.

    I’ll be there with my binoculars and my beach towel.

  14. I don’t know if we even had one murder last year. maybe one. But we don’t have much of anything! LOL!

  15. Wow, must be comforting to know that you live in the safest city in America. Now a days, that is a great honor, as there are so many pointless crimes and criminals out there. Congrats!

  16. We are so going to stay with you next time we want to go to the Big Apple. I’ve always wanted to vacation at the Jersey shore. But you have to protect me from the monster-in-laws. Pinky swear.

  17. I think having Canada’s worst serial killer takes every city in British Columbia off all “Safest Places to Live” lists.

    We caught him though. We just don’t know what to do with him now.

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