Weight Loss Wednesday- Now With More Fat

Start weight:  266.5

Goal weight: 166.5

This week’s weight:  261.5

GAIN:  4

Total lost:  5 pounds

It has actually been two weeks since  I weighed in and I have gained four pounds.  Whatever.  It has been a rough couple of weeks and I refuse to beat myself up over it.  I still have a total loss so I am happy.  Sort of.

On to the weather!

It is ridiculous here.  Last night we had sleet which left about an inch and a half of ice every where.  In the middle of the night the temp went up and it changed to rain.  The last time we saw rain like this there was a giant ark in the middle of a field.  Just about every road I took to work was flooded.  I am sitting here barefoot with my socks hanging over a space heater.  Did I mention I am working out of our old office?  I can’t be around a co-worker right now because she is pregnant and I am still radioactive (hey, does anyone remember that song?  My husband & I were trying to think of who sang itwhen we were in the hospital last week and we can’t remember.  I could google it but I’m lazy.)

Anyway, the office I am in?  No heat.  Didn’t I just do this at the other place?

Sing it with me, “Oh happy day, oh happy day!”



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10 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday- Now With More Fat

  1. I wouldn’t be beating yourself up over the small gain. Given what you’re been/are dealing with?

    Weather? Yeah…it’s been snowing since midnight here, we have maybe 4 or 6 inches, suppose to get 1-3 FEET, winds are brutal. I’d like to say the snow day is a nice break from the normal routine, but I’d be fibbing 🙂

    Don’t know the song…I’d Google it for you, but Google and I have a love/hate relationship and don’t typically get along.

    Be warm 🙂

  2. Is this it? This is what the almighty Google gave me:

    Downtown Science
    » Radioactive

    [ VERSE 1 ]
    Sunrise, darkness fades to light
    Illuminatin the sky, as well as the insight
    To see a new beginning, and resurrect
    Reminiscent of the Phoenix, and recollect
    Thoughts from the universe of ideas
    Select lyrics to illustrate the obvious
    Image, project it, so everybody sees it
    Off the soul, take the body, and freeze it
    Suspended animation
    To the 10th degree of virtuosity
    Mind is free
    Risen from the prison of humanism
    To reflect on innervision
    And be enlightened
    State of awareness heightened
    To a level above and beyond
    That of intelligent life
    Devine, eternal as space and time
    Able to transform shape and design
    >From liquid to gas, light to sound
    To each new substance
    Matter is constant
    Not created or destroyed
    Merely deployed
    As words in a radio void
    (Radio) (Radio)
    [ VERSE 2 ]
    Words manifested disintegrate
    Particles drift into atoms and separate
    Developing movement known as soundwaves
    That travel at mach one via the airspace
    Hittin the microphone, makin it vibrate
    Electrical impulses start to migrate
    Along the wire
    To enter the next phase of audio sequence
    The infamous noisegate lifts
    Over the threshold
    And into the system goes matter
    Now converted to data
    Knowledge is primary
    Communication is digital
    Language is binary
    >From the bit to the megabyte
    Math is the mode to educate the neophyte
    Science is the road to greater understandin
    A complex network, always expandin
    Growin by the minute
    The realm of broadcast, borders are infinite
    Signals energized and ready for transmit
    Workin its way up the tower
    Several times an hour
    Gettin power rotation, zero static on the air
    Receivers are fine tuned, reception is clear
    Courtesy of fiber optics
    The highs are bright, the lows kick
    (Radio) (Radio)
    [ VERSE 3 ]
    Active in the form of sonic energy
    Same identity
    Temporarily materializin through the speaker
    Comin to the surface – eureka
    The final stage of a cycle movin at such high speed
    That by the time it’s perceived
    It’s already happened again
    Now is then
    The future’s ever-present
    Time is of the essence
    Coming in for a landin
    On the FM band
    With liquid crystal display
    Lighting the runway
    88 to 108
    Megahertz pushin solid state
    State of the art
    Climbin the chart
    With a bullet
    Radioactive to the fullest
    Extent of a wavelength
    Jammin the frequency
    Relentlessly to break through
    And reach the world on the other side
    So they can learn from errors that nullified
    The last hit by the blast
    Now all that remains, is a shadow of the past
    (Radio) (Radio)

  3. You just should have stayed home where, I assume, it is warm and dry. I feel for you, hope the day goes by real fast.

  4. We’ve got the ice here too – it sucks. Kids are home and figures, the one day where they can lay around and watch tv all day they don’t want to!

  5. BRRRRR!!!! And it’s going to be even colder tomorrow!!!

    We also got a lot of ice – there were daggers falling from the trees for a couple of hours today! EEK!

  6. NO HEAT SUCKS DONKEY you know what….

    You can not beat yourself up over a small 2 week gain considering it was hard to swallow, medical treatments and so on…

    Just keep at it.

  7. It’s water weight. Yes, it is.

  8. I’ve heard that radioactivity is, ah, heavy. Yeah, that’s it, it makes you heavier until it dissipates.

  9. HOnestly, do not worry about the weight gain! Most importantly is your immediate health and you have been going through an awful lot lately…..once this is all behind you..you will be able to put your focus back on the weight loss!! I’m sure your perfect just the way you are!

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