Fun Monday- Precious Objects


Karmyn chose precious objects as today’s Fun Monday topic.  I picked a group of objects instead of just one.  Apparently I can’t follow directions.  What else is new?  These objects are just a part of my collection of family memorabilia.  One of my hobbies is researching my family history.  I started doing this as a teenager with my grandmother.  My Nannie saved everything!  Now that she is gone I am saving it for her.

I have hundreds of photos, including some tintypes of my ancestors.  I have autograph books from a cousin who died at age twelve in 1887.  I have cards and letters, cemetery plot deeds (a bit morbid but cool nonetheless), old wallets and newspaper clippings.

I also have my grandfather’s photo album from his time in the Army.  He served in Europe in World War II.  I love to see him as a young man but it is difficult to view the devastation in some of the pictures.  Buildings that were destroyed that had once been homes to families like mine are especially terrible.  There are other pictures of my grandfather and his fellow soldiers in happier times.  My grandfather had always been fascinated by aircraft.  He somehow managed to get a metal plate from a German Stuka.  The plate has the specifications of the plane on it.  I have no idea how he managed to get his hands on that!  Now I have this very odd souvenir.

These things represent my family.  Someday I will show them to my girls and tell them about the great-grandparents they never knew and maybe they will love them just as much as I do.

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18 responses to “Fun Monday- Precious Objects

  1. I love this. My sister is the geneologist in our family and I’m fascinated with all the wonderful dirt she manages to dig up.

    I bet you’re kids will love hearing all the stories one day.

  2. Your inability to follow directions is part of why you are so very interesting. 🙂

  3. I never read directions so it’s really hard to follow if you don’t read them to begin with.

    I think your stuff for your family is absolutely fascinating.

    I have a shadow box of stuff from my Grandfather…but not much further back than that.

    Very cool idea.

  4. Very cool post! I love that kind of stuff.

  5. Wow, you have some great memorbilia from your families history.

  6. Very jealous. I don’t even have anything of my childhood, in the divorce all photos except a few were thrown out.

  7. min

    WW II aircraft are the coolest ever! You’re so lucky to have all that wonderful stuff from “the good ol’ days”. It’s nice to know those generations will not be forgotten.

  8. That’s a great collection of family memorabilia. I’ve never known much about my family or its roots. It wasn’t a big thing when I was growing up. Not sure if I will ever know.

    Hmm, my own precious object, huh? Nothing is springing to mind… I should look around…

  9. What a great collection of items you have!! I’ve wanted to dig into my own family roots and all that, but never have.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your girls will treasure the collection as much as you do .

  10. Having so much family history is wonderful. I think it’s so important to pass this heritage on to future generations. My mother who is now 83 has been giving me some of our family history and we have been putting photos together, I think you have spurred me on to find out more so thank you.

  11. What a great collection! One day your kids will appreciate this just as much as you do.

  12. This was a great way to display everything–you DO have quite a lot of “history” in one shot. My eyes were drawn to the handwriting on the letter…it was beautiful, art in writing :). Interesting, too, that no zip code was necessary.

    I think it’s important for our children to know their family’s history…there are so many “holes” in mine, I’m sure there are things we’ll never know…but I’m thankful for those things we do!

  13. What wonderful heirlooms for your children. Were those your ancestors on the tintype link?
    Family seems to be the common thread in this tapestry of Karmyn’s Fun Monday.

  14. I like old photographs of my Grandpa’s also. History pulls you in doesn’t it?

  15. I love old stuff, too. Unfortunately I didn’t start thinking about it until I was well into adulthood.

    We have some old tin types …. civil war era. One of my great grandparents before he died sickness (not of wounds)

    Alot of my parents old things just plain got worn out because they got used.

    Keep on protecting these things. I hope future generations will enjoy them and treasure them, too.

  16. Great stuff! Your family is lucky to have a curator.

  17. Looks like a wonderful collection of memories! Thanks for playing along.

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