More From The House Romance Built

Someone emailed me (Hi D) and asked about our Valentine’s Day.  A couple of weeks ago I postedabout the challenge our pastor put forth.  He urged us to do something special for Valentine’s Day.  Since the Big Guy works nights we set our VDay as February 18. 

So how did we “rock socks”?

First we all went to church. 

Then, hang on, this is where it gets good, BG sat on the couch and proceeded to watch a bajillion hours of Daytona 500 coverage. 


Wait it gets hotter.

I went to the grocery store.  I shopped for two weeks worth of stuff, ooh aah then I came home, put all those groceries away and made a big pot of soup. 


Then I did our taxes. 

OOH oh!oh!Don’t stop!  

Then I did laundry. 


For the big finish, I got EBaby ready for bed, got everything ready for Monday morning, jammied up and went to bed.   

Oh.My.God!  YesYesYESSSS!

Yup, this IS the house romance built


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14 responses to “More From The House Romance Built

  1. I love it when you talk dirty. Dirty laundry that is 🙂

  2. Maybe you should pick another day and try again! Just try to not pick a day of a race…

  3. Your Sunday sounds EXACTLY like my Sunday…we should start a romance club! Hubby watched the Daytona 500, I went to the grocery store…I did not make soup however, that sounds good!

    I’m sorry it wasn’t special…but I’m sure you still enjoyed the day cooking and being with the kids and hubby, even if he was on the couch 🙂

  4. Hmmm….I’d say pick another date. I remember with my ex that NASCAR anything pretty much took over everything else. So, my sympathies 🙂

  5. Sherry

    Well seeing how I feel I am the “oldest” on these blogs haha, I say it was the perfect Valentine’s celebration. Just think, you were content, you have a home, tv, money to shop, washer/dryer/clothes to was and a wonderful hubby and baby. Yep the perfect day!!!! I know where is the romance huh? MMMM just the comfort zone I guess but haha like I said I am old and I value family and the family life.
    But hey a real “date” once in awhile would be good and the best date is one that isn’t to celebrate something, but a “just becasue” date.

  6. Sherry

    had to add my website address haha as Kelly M told me, oopsie

  7. Ya know..real life gets in the way enough…

    Your BG’s NASCAR is just about anything other sport related at my house.

    If we were given an “assignment” you bet your ass I wouldn’t pick a day there was some “Must see” on TV…because it’s hard enough to be together..but to pick a date and then do nothing…not good.

    They say romance is over rated. I’d really like to have a couple stellar “dates” with my hubby and decide for myself.

  8. LMAO! Iwas totally on the couch watching the Daytona too!

  9. I gotta quit reading your blog when I am at work.. not that it matters .. most of the time I am by myself but when we have a patient.. I think it freaks them out a bit when they hear me laugh…

  10. Mine really wasn’t that much different. lol

  11. Sounds precisely like our V-day.


  12. D

    Ok so things didn’t go exactly as planned….but do they ever? You spur of the moment kinda gal – no wonder big guy loves ya! Oh well there’s always Valentine’s Day 2007….start the plans now!

  13. Sounds like mine too – except I think Basketball was the choice of viewing pleasures rather than Nascar.

    and I got to take the kids to a birthday party.

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