My Mickey Tatoo

Kellie got a tatoo.  That reminded me I loaded this picture a few days ago and never posted it.  So here it is.


Here is a picture of my Fantasia Mickey tatoo.  It is on my right hip.  Please ignore all bodily imperfections.  Thanks.



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5 responses to “My Mickey Tatoo

  1. What a great tattoo!! I still want to see the one/three on your back.

  2. Very cool! I second Kellie’s request… let’s see the others. I don’t have one and think the closest I might get to one is living vicariously through others.

  3. yes, show the others!

    I’m going to add Jane’s name and dates of birth/death to my colon cancer one.

  4. Your have four (4) tatoos? Wow. I posted my one (1) and. Min thinks it’s my ankle that’s fake. Don’t tell her it’s the tatoo that’s fake.

  5. great tattoo! the artist did a terrific job on it. 🙂

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