Fun Monday- Nothing Like Waiting Until The Last Minute

Willowtree is this week’s Fun Monday master.  Today we are supposed to show our blogging environment.  I actually have two.  The first is the desktop setup.  This is in the corner of my kitchen.  The monitor and keyboard sit on top of a small, well I’m not really sure what its original purpose was.  It originally belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  It’s not really a nightstand, nor a dresser.  It is on casters.  Maybe you could tell me what its original purpose was. 


 Some day I’ll figure out how to put regular size pictures on here.  Today is not that day.  If you click on the picture you’ll save yourself some eye strain.

My second, and more comfortable area, is this:


My extra comfy couch.  Both sides recline!  No more fighting the husband for the “good” seat!  We also have a rocking, swiveling recliner.  Last year’s tax return went to those puppies. 

Why do I have two computer areas?  Four words for you:  I have a teenager.

That’s my blogging environment.  Check out the others, but since I’m so late you probably already have.  See you next week.



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10 responses to “Fun Monday- Nothing Like Waiting Until The Last Minute

  1. email me and I’ll tell you about full sized pictures since we are both on word press.

  2. I can make pics bigger, but it involves much effort and a crapton of swearing on my end. So, I have y’all clickety click the links ’cause I’m fun like that!! So, send me those directions from CPA Mom, huh?

  3. That reclining sofa looks like a very comfortable place to blog from, something tells me I need a laptop!

  4. That is such a nice tidy and serious desk. You really intend to work when you sit there, don’t you. The sofa looks like: click, click, clickety, click…nod…click…nod…snooze.

  5. Love couch blogging! I need to get my wireless working…

  6. OOO see now…now I can ask questions that I’m too dumb to ask the utilities or providers.

    Do you have DSL through cable or whatever?

    My question is this. We are going to have 2 desktops when we move and my Mom has her high speed through the phone can I have 2 set up on it..or am I gonna need to have another line put in or what?

    Anyone know?


  7. Nothin’ beats the comfort of bloggin’ from a comfy spot on the sofa…when the wind is blowing just right and our router has some range :/.

    I’m guessing that piece of furniture is a side table? Accent table? Good to see it being used by another generation :).

  8. Sometimes I wish I could blog on my couch – it would be much more comfortable (and I could pretend to watch tv while doing it too).

    Love the orange couch, by the way!

  9. So now someone who slams me on another blog wants my advice…I think not.

  10. wow you are sooo tidy another blogging environment sent to shame me. I love your table I think I would go with Robin (side table or hall) and say on castors for easy movement.

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