Fun Monday- Slight Delay

I had such a crazy weekend I wasn’t able to do my Fun Monday post.  I’m afraid it will have to wait until tonight.  Check back in, oh say twelve hours.  Sorry.  Go check out the other Fun Monday participants at this week’s host, Willowtree.

I’ll leave you with this:

Driving in to work today I was behind a school bus.  There were two little boys looking out the back door.  They were about seven I would guess.  They were really cute, lots of smiles.  They started waving at me and I was really tickled.  What a great way to start the day!  I waved back and they got really excited and waved more.  So I waved again.  And then?

One of the little shits gave me the finger. 



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14 responses to “Fun Monday- Slight Delay

  1. Little shits….great way to turn a “oh cute they are” mood into a “oh…I want to smush their little fingers for doing that”. I am giggling, though…it’s something that has happened to me and TOTALLY pissed me off!!

  2. Oh no I hate it when children do that, especially when they’re meant to be young and innocent.

  3. Little shits….great way to turn a “oh, how nice are these little boys” mood into a “oh…I want to smush their little fingers for doing that” mood. I am giggling, though…it’s something that has happened to me and TOTALLY pissed me off!!

  4. Thats When you need you camera. Take the picture and head for the bus administrator.

    Or cut off their fingers.


    Okay, sorry. I know that wasn’t really funny.

    But it just was.

  6. as others have said what a pity you couldn’t capture this in a photo

  7. At least they didn’t moon you!

  8. That is SUCH an “Ice Cream Mama” story.


  9. Not so cute any more are they? LOL

  10. I just spit out my diet coke laughing at this!

  11. Lovely. Almost renews your faith in the goodness of humanity. Until a little shit gives you the finger.

    Just watched Tommy Boy this weekend (for the umpteenth time) and there’s a great scene where Rob Lowe’s character gets off the bus at the beginning, there’s a little shit blowing his cheeks out on the window right behind Rob, then Rob swings his fist up and smashes the kid through the plastic window. Priceless.

  12. Bwwwwaaaaaahhhhhh, ha ha! Holy crap! I know that should not be funny, but, well, it is!

  13. OH MY GOSH I am so glad I am the only in the office right now.. I just fell out of my chair from laughing … seriously.. it really isnt funny its more sad than anything.. we like to think of our kids as so innocent.. when behind that innocent face is a little devil just lurking about…… I would have done a little Kodak moment with my cell phone.. followed the bus to the school.. caught up to the little creatures.. put my hand on the back of each ones neck.. say I know your MAMA and I took a picture of what you just did and I am going to call her and give it to her.. then I would go to the principal of the school and say .. Love what you guys are teaching the kids these days!!… trust me >. I would do that.. having worked with children from age 18 months to 18 years.. I had seen so much .. that parents and caregivers just let slide.. better to embarass them (the children) profusely now so that when they get older they just might have a clue…
    Have a great day..

  14. Ha! That’s hysterical.

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