Weight Loss Wednesday- The Really Sucky One

I did so tremendously bad that I am not even going to tell you about it.  Let’s just say tomorrow is another freakin day and leave it at that, ‘kay?

This week has been so rotten that I wouldn’t be surprised if all my hair fell out.  I don’t know, it seemed appropriately sucky.  I’m going to continue with the carnival of crap and go pay our bills.

I’ll try to be chipper tomorrow.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll try to be awake tomorrow.



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12 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday- The Really Sucky One

  1. Yeha I’m so with you…I’ve been on vacation and ate nothing but crap..I don’t dare step on the scales….I guess we are entitled to some bad weeks…

  2. Yeah, well, I “celebrated” my one lb gain this week by eating grilled chicken cannoli and crab and artichoke dip with copious amounts of bread tonight (dinner with two friends). I’m thinking that did not help with any weight loss either. But that’s just me.

    Hope your week gets better!

  3. Don’t let it get you down. Let’s go to Target 🙂

  4. Don’t let it get you too down. You know what I would do in this situation? (Eat ice cream. Never take advice from a chubby girl! Hahahahaha!)

    I hope tomorrow is infinitely better than today. :o)

  5. I have given up even trying to lose weight. I have had about 10lbs. of cake this week, and 20 lbs. of chocolate. Chin up, you can do it! By the way I have been reading your blog for a couple of months but this is my first time to comment. You are so funny!

  6. Don’t give up. Start over. I’m here with you.

    Next Wed will be my first WL Wed….Your week sounds like mine and I’m a comfort food person..so I know I’ve eaten nothing but crap.

    I just have to grab hold of it again and start steering.

    You can do this!

  7. Hey its just one day… big deal.. we all have our INEEDTOEATSOICANDEALWITHEVERYTHING days… Stress just is.. and those of us that eat when we get over burdened .. thats what we do. 24 hours does not a life changing journey make. SO put that behind you.. put a smile on that beautiful face.. WAKE UP FULLY TOMMOROW and just do one HEALTHY thing for yourself… be it eating right.. going for a walk. Or taking some quiet time to just think and focus on the most important person..
    Y-O-U … bottom line.. take care of yourself.. go easy on yourself.. brush it all off .. and get back to where you need to be !!.. The weekend is almost here… YAY!!

  8. Meh, it’s just one week, don’t let it get you down! That’s just part of losing weight, sometimes your the ball and sometimes your the bat.

  9. Don’t let it get you down…we all have weeks like that, and we just take it and move on. I’m at the beginning of my weight loss journey and I just had a meat and cheese roll-up, cheetoes and a large piece of cake for lunch. But I drank Crystal Light, does that redeem me at all?

  10. I totally gourged on Mexican last night, my guilty pleasure. We all have bad weeks, but hopefully the bad will outweigh (hehe) the good.

  11. Yes, tomorrow is another day. Maybe like KeyBank’s new SaveDay campaign, you can do something similar and pick one thing you normally eat or drink and banish that from your diet? I know easier said than done. It takes all my willpower not to grab a soda when I get lunch out and grab a water or unsweetened ice tea.
    But you can do it. I have faith. You’ll reach your goals.

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