List of 2007 Update

So much for updating on the first of the month!

  • Lose weight.  Uh…yeah, not good.  I’m not going to update this weekly any more.  Frankly, I just can’t take the pressure.  I’m only going to do it in the monthly update from now on.  I’m right back where I started anyway.
  • Quit smoking.  I have cut down to about half my usual.
  • Save money.  This is actually going pretty good (now that I’ve said it, some major high cost item is going to fall apart).
  • Read through the Bible.  No progress whatsoever.
  • Fill in the blank picture frames.  I have not even printed  any pictures!
  • Finish half bath.  Now that it is getting warmer the Big Guy will be able to crawl under the house to work some plumbing magic.  Decrappification must come first.
  • Organize.  Bwahahaha! 
  • Be nicer to family, spend time enjoying them, take better care of myself.  I have made a conscious effort to spend time with my girls.  They grow so fast and I don’t want to be left with a bunch of what ifs?  My oldest and I have had some really good conversations.  She is turning into quite the young woman.  As far as taking care of myself- still dealing with the medical crap, hoo-frickin-ray.

So you can see I am still a slug.  I refuse to let this list just pass me by.  By the end of the year I will have something done on this list, dammit!



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10 responses to “List of 2007 Update

  1. Well considering it’s the 15th and I never did update…you’re doing better than me on principle alone.

    Just keep plugging away….everything will come eventually.

  2. At least you’ve made some progress!! Not everything has to be done all at once.

  3. Some progress is better than none. I think you’re doing great 🙂

  4. It’s only March, you still have a TON of the year left do get stuff done!

  5. D

    Hey stick to you – you’ll accomplish some….if not all of your goals – don’t give up. I’m still on the weight loss wagon – slowly but surely it is coming off – wish it was a bit quicker I must admit! Oh well – keep smiling!

  6. You have like, hinty eleven days left this year. I think you are doing awesome. 🙂

  7. You’re doing great. Just keep at it.

  8. U will do it .. When ya got a lot going on around you it is hard to remember to do what you plan on doing… So pick one thing on the list.. and do it.. no matter how many days, weeks or months it takes.. pick one easy task and do it.. I betcha can..

  9. GP

    greetings… found you albeit late from the ultimate blog party.. Pretty awesome huh?

    Meanwhile, just the fact that youre revisiting these and honestly assessing… you’re on the right path

    P.O.R. as we say (press on regardless)

    GP in Montana

  10. Hey it’s only March. This year has a lot left in it.

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