Hair Don’t

Saturday I got sick of my hair.  It was long, getting caught in my bra hooks long.  It was heavy and hanging there with no life to it at all.  It got in the way during *ahem* intimate moments.  (Nothing says sexy like, “Oww, get OFF of my hair!)  Off I went to the salon.  Well nothing so hoity or toity, I actually went to the local walk-in place.  Hey, it’s not like I can make an appointment, I never know when the Big Guy is actually going to stay still long enough for me to go do something.

“What are we doing with your hair today?”

“I want it shoulder length, long layers on the sides, keep the bangs but trim them up.”

“Ooh, if I had your hair I would do this, that and the other thing.”

Here is where I make the mistake,  “Okay, go ahead.”

Did you see it?  My stupidity on parade?

The quality of the cut is good.  The cut itself?  Sucks.  My mother of course loves it.  But this is the woman who told me I had to cut my hair when I turned thirty.  After 30 you apparently are not allowed to have long hair.  The only criticism my mom has- she thinks it should be shorter.  She thinks it should be above my ears.  I think she needs to stop smoking peyote.

The big problem?  It’s mullet-y.  MULLET-Y!  Billy Ray Cyrus envies my do.  Short on top, short around the ears, barely skims my shoulders.  Of course there is only a four inch wide piece in back that skims my shoulders because the rest is so damn short.  I feel like Markie Post’s character on Night Court.  Does anyone even remember Night Court?

I’ll be the flashback at my twenty year reunion because the last time this hair style was popular was in 1986!

Oh well.  It grows back.  Right?

And no, there will NOT be any pictures, don’t even ask.



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11 responses to “Hair Don’t

  1. Oh come on! I want to see it 🙂 I’m sure it doesn’t look that bad! But if you don’t like it, why don’t you go back and tell them that…they’ll probably fix it for free, even if it’s just to even it up so that it’s all one length.

  2. I want to see it, too…it’s never as bad as you think!! I agree with HWM…if you really don’t like it, have them make it better…for FREE, dammit….


  3. Seriously, I need a picture. I am a visual person.

    And yes, it will grow back.

  4. Markie Post in Night Court sums it up, which is just a little shorter than the Mom from Ferris Bueller’s Day off…but that cut wasn’t mullet-y.

    It will grow back..

    Now the next question is…do you keep the mullet? or do you chop it all short and grow it out together?

  5. My dear dear friend like everyone said.. it will grow back.. My mom told me the same thing.. and do ya think I listen of course not I actually grew it longer… It is very thick.. down to the middle of my back.. and very curly… I keep it layered.. and I try different products in it.. to keep the curl active and the frizz out… I am at the do I color it yet dilemma though.. MY hair is very dark.. almost black.. and the gray is popping up here and there.. the person that cuts my hair suggests I wait until it is Mostly grey and less black instead of mostly Black and less grey.. DUH.. so .. I can relate to hair issues.. all u can do is wait .. keep the back trimmed and let the sides and top grow… From the time I was 10 until I was 20 I had SHORT SHORT SHORT SHORT hair.. and then on my 20th bday I said screw this … and let it grow from there.. When I turned 40 my mother said when are you getting it cut.. You know you are too old to have such long hair.. NO WAY.. no rules.. is my attitude.. so.. let grow.. and next time when you feel the need to get it cut… WAIT.. Find someone that has a clue to what works for you.. and the shape of your face…

    Good luck …

  6. Oh, come on now, we won’t laugh! We must have pics of the ‘do!

  7. Youchy – there is nothing worse than a bad haircut. I hope it grows quickly!!!!!

  8. D

    I can HARDLY wait to see you —-4 more days – think it will grow that fast???? I’m sure you look just beautiful !

  9. Aww do it! Let’s have pictures!

    (I’m sure it looks fine…)

  10. I have long hair and flip flop on cutting it. Thank you. Now I will not cut it. LOL

  11. I’m with everyone else…I wanna see!!

    I’ve so made that same mistake! Why do we feel we can trust our hairstylist??? I’ve been going to the same one for the past 5 years…you would think by now she knows what I like and do not like..but one thing I’ve learned never to let her do anything she wants to it!! But the good thing is yes it does grow back! BONUS! 🙂

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