Fun Monday- Wake Up Call

This week’s Fun Monday challenge is hosted by Tristan 

 His challenge is:

Anyway, my literary challenge to continue on the theme of last weekis to tell the world how you would like to wake up in the morning. What is present in the planet you would wake up to? What are the people in it like, Does Marmite and butter come pre-mixed, or are you an astronaut on a mission to launch Tony Blair into low earth orbit. Show the difference between current reality, and reality 2.0.

How do I wake up?  In the past I have awakened to:

  • The screeSQUAWK screeSQUAWK sound of the alarm clock is my usual wake up call.
  • “Uh, the toilet is overflowing into the living room.”
  • One memorable night a few years ago I dozed off on the couch only to awaken to pounding on my front door.  My neighbor’s kids were there screaming, “Call the fire department, our house is on fire!”  (Thankfully, they only had minor damage and no one was hurt.)
  • My personal favorite:  “Mama, I barfed.”  “Where?”  “Everywhere.”  She was right.

How would I like to be awakened?

  • “We’ll be landing in insert fabulous vacation spot shortly.”
  • “Good morning, Madame.  Your massage is scheduled for noon.”
  • “Mama!  Daddy said to let you sleep late.  Want some tea?”  Hey, a girl can dream!
  • “We won the lottery!”
  • The ideal (by ideal, I mean the one that may actually happen, some day):  I would like the night before to go smoothly so I could get everything done I need to get done.  Then I could get to bed at a reasonable hour and be able to wake up well rested, before the obnoxious alarm.

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9 responses to “Fun Monday- Wake Up Call

  1. Oh to awake, rested before the alarm goes off…bliss!

  2. Ah, getting everything done before going to bed – that does make for a nicer sleep doesn’t it? Especially if you get it all done AND still have an hour of downtime before going to bed. Well that and Tylenol PM. : )

  3. i would love to wake up well rested and not feel like i need to climb back under the covers.

  4. I’ll join you for that massage and getting everything done the night before!

  5. Getting everything done the night before is something I ain for but blogging always gets in the way. What’s waking up feeling refreshed like!!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAA! I’ve woken up to the projectile vomit sound myself 😦

    My ideal situation would be to WAKE UP ALL BY MYSELF. And then to lay there for 30 minutes basking in the sound of nothing but sleeping children. Ahhhh…….

    It’ll never happen.

  7. The lottery sounds much better than barf…
    (does the lottery make any sound at all?)

  8. I would like to wake up to a warm sunny morning with no commitments, no deadlines, no worries, and no one. Just a day for me.

  9. I love your “ideal.” That would be the best thing in the world!

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