More Crap

Why have my posts been so blah? 

And so few? 

Blame CPA Mom.  She recommended the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and I can’t stop reading.  How on earth did I not know these books existed?  I am so hooked.  I am going to the library tomorrow and getting all of them.  I don’t want to have to wait if I finish one.

Thanks for your dinner tips.  I’m so sick of my own cooking it’s not even funny.

A few months ago I took a hard look at what I was feeding my family.  I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw.  Mostly Hamburger Helper (cause it helps hamburger make a great meal).  Not the healthiest or the tastiest but pretty damn easy.  I decided no more Hamburger Helper.  I plan meals for the week, make a shopping list, shop on Saturday and cook three or four meals on Sunday.  On the days I work Sis just throws a pan in the oven so we can eat when I get home at six.  With all the excitement last weekend, I didn’t make a meal list or cook anything ahead of time.  I basically screwed myself up good.

Now I’m having food dilemmas.

  • The Big Guy.  He is not a picky eater but he likes a meal.  The girls and I are happy with salad and grilled chicken.  He wants meat, starch, vegatable.  I’ll throw scrambled egg sandwiches at him once in a while but he wants a real supper for the most part.  He very rarely says he doesn’t like something.  I can think of only twice in the time we have been together.  And he doesn’t say, “Damn, woman that was awful!”  He’ll say some thing like, “Do you think we could not have that again?”
  • Anything I make has to be nukeable.  The Big Guy doesn’t eat until around midnight. 
  • I need more recipes.  I’ll have to take some time and search the net.  After I finish these books.
  • The food I would make ahead is mostly casseroles.  I don’t want hearty casseroles in the summer.

Now that I have bored you with more crap, I’m going back to 1743 Scotland.  Thanks CPA Mom!



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13 responses to “More Crap

  1. the Outlander Series is a good read – and you have to keep reading and keep reading. I read the last book and I thought it would finally end – but of course, it didn’t. So, now have to wait for the next one, which I think might come out later this year. I’m not sure. Enjoy them!!!

  2. Midnight!? I’m guessing that’s because of a work schedule imposing it’s ugly will on your personal schedules.

    Try checking your local grocery supermarket’s website for recipes. My local supermarket ( has tons of recipes and the nifty bonus of a clickable ingredients list that you can add to a compiled shopping list. The ingredients are tagged with the recipe they apply to. Very convenient. I don’t really cook very much, but have tried 3 recipes and one is a big winner.

    The Outlander series, eh? I used to manage a bookstore years ago and remember those fat volumes taking up a lot of room on my sci-fi/fantasy shelves. Maybe I’ll give them a try with your ringing endorsement.

  3. I’m not sure about nukeability (is that even a word?) but I love the cookbook “The Six O’Clock Scramble.” I have made about 10 recipes out of there so far and they are easy, fast and delicious! We just made the best chicken tenders from there last night. I got it for about $13 at some online store, and it has definitely been worth the money! Here’s the website if you want to learn more:

  4. I HEART casseroles, but my husband hates them. As a backup for nights I haven’t planned anything, I go to one of those make your entree places (like Super Suppers or My Girlfriends Kitchen). Cause I am totally lazy like that.

  5. Ok….Do you want me to send you my WW crockpot recipes? I decided not long ago that I was tired of eating from a box too. The sodium contents goodness.

    Anyway, all this stuff is totally nukeable and also if you and sis want salad with my “crockpot pineapple chicken” on the side you can..then you could make one bag of those “Lipton Sides” for the Big Guy to nuke up again when he gets home.

    Helps you eat better…keeps him happy.

    I literally printed about 40 recipes from a site and have tried about 1/2 so far.

    Let me know.

    P.S. Did you get a package from me? Cuz it’s ironic that you would be discussing DINNER in your blog…

  6. J.

    I loved that series!!! And you’re right, it totally sucks you in. I lost many hours, days, weeks being enthralled with the whole thing.

  7. but you still love me right? RIGHT?

    go read this:

    We are not alone.

  8. I think we have the same husband. Is yours a big, hairy yet bald German man? Maybe?

    Anyway, no real advice on the dinner thing here. I’m sorry. It seems like what we primarily eat is boneless, skinless chicken boobs and rice. Which is lovely, but not every day.

  9. Well now I’ve got to try the Outlander series. It’ll give me a goal for April, I suppose.

    As far as recipes, I use
    They’re pretty easy to use and you can save recipes you like in your own recipe box. Also you can search by the ingredients you have for recipes. Even though I don’t cook often, when I do it’s usually from here.

  10. Ummm…..I don’t cook. So, do what the other say 🙂

  11. Yeah I’m so with Kellie..I’m no help in this department…other than my stomboli, tuna casserole, chicken fajitas, or pizza…I got nothing..haha those are my specialities! That is literally all I cook..WHEN I DO COOK..hmm which happens maybe 1 or 2 times a month!!

  12. I am such a whore for Jamie Fraser…I’m leaving Wednesday for Scottsdale and I’m thinking of stalking Diana Gabaldon while I’m there and making here write the next two books faster.
    I’m on book 4 in the series myself and because of having an insanely busy life lately, I haven’t read a page out of it in a month. And it’s making me kind of crazy…I get your obsession, they’re the best book series I’ve ever read.

  13. Stupid thesis is my excuse. I would start a great book series if I had time. maybe I should run away from the country, default on my loans and abandon my family and just take it easy? Pick some olives and make some cheese and pop out kids? Sounds awesome. Then! Then i will come to you for book reccomendations. And also maybe I will actually mail some rocks to you. I swear I have not forgotten.

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