Fun Monday- Clothing!

Today’ hostess is Chris over at Ms. Cellania.  Her challenge is:

‘I would like to see a photo (if possible) of a vintage item of clothes- it might be something that has been in your wardrobe for ever, that you can’t bear to part with and the story behind it (funny, sad, sentimental I know how creative you all are). If you are someone who regularly de-clutters your wardrobe every season don’t worry you can tell us about any current favourite item of clothes’.

I have nothing vintage, unless vintage means tattered and torn.  So instead I present my favorite coat.

I love this coat.  A few years ago I walked into a store and there it was!  It beckoned me, “Take me home.  You know you love me!  I do not even cost much.  Love me, buy me.”

So I did.



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13 responses to “Fun Monday- Clothing!

  1. That looks a stylish coat I can see why you love it and if it didn’t cost too much that’s an even better reason to love it.

  2. It is so totally cool when an item calls to you and you know you were meant for each other!! (I’m obsessed with a jacket, so I can understand completely!)

  3. J.

    Ha! I totally understand. With most women, it’s shoes … me? coats. All of the time. It’s a real problem. hehe…

  4. I have some articles of clothing similar – but mostly shoes. Shoes always call my name and say “buy me now – you know you want to.”

  5. I like it, I need a coat like that! The only thing vintage I have is a t-shirt that I got when I was, probably, 4 that has my name and a butterfly airbrushed on it!

  6. I love it. Especially the colour. I am a sucker for a lovely coat. Drives my man batty.

    P.S. I’ve got a new addy for my blog…

  7. Nice story.I know what you mean and I think a lot of women have the same problem“buy me now – you know you want to.”Funny!

  8. Oh oh. You hear coats talking. 🙂

  9. I love the coat, now there’s another fun monday idea, our favourite clothes.

  10. mjd

    Good choice…I am glad that listened when the coat beckoned.

  11. Love the coat. I have one that is a favorite also. I wear it 99% of winter.

  12. Great coat–I had one very similar….loaned it to my sister and have yet to see it again. I’m guessing after two years, I won’t??

  13. When they speak, you MUST obey (I totally get that, since clothes don’t just talk everyday). This was a GREAT idea since you were vintage-deprived–wish we could see YOU in it ;).

    Oooo, I’m waaaaaaaay behind on bloggin’…I’m trying to visit all the Fun Monday party-goers today…:).

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