Luxuries or Love

I did something this weekend that I have not done in a long time.  I bought books.  Yup, I shelled out real money for books.  I am an avid reader and before I was married I had hundreds of books.  Now we don’t have the room and I don’t have the time to dust the things.  My library card gets used more than the Amex does- that should tell you something.   I forgot how wonderful it is to just wander around Barnes and Noble.  So peaceful.  Yeah, I left the kids home.

What did I buy?  The Outlander Series of course.  It is funny how an obsession can take hold so quickly.  Now they are mine!  And can be yours too.  No you can’t borrow them- get your own!  I need them.  Yes, I am a freak.  Whatever.


I was thinking, would I go back in time and stay there if I had a mad, passionate love awaiting me?  Granted Claire did not intend to go back to 1743 but she had the chance to return to 1945 and didn’t.  (Keep in mind I am only on the second book and don’t know of her comings and  goings, don’t blow it for me.)

Would I give up the luxuries and technology of 2007 to go back 200 years?

I love my husband but not like Claire and Jamie.  I suspect that kind of love is for the fiction.  If I’m wrong please tell me and don’t leave out any details.  What would that kind of love be like?  What would an all consuming hunger and passion feel like?

What would I give up for that?  Have I given up anything for my husband?  Not really, a little privacy, doing what I want, when I want.  But he too has given up those things. 

What would I miss most about the time I live in?

The internet?


Modern medical care?

The freedom woman have today?


Would I do it?  I don’t know.  I’d like to think I would give up things for my husband.  But I don’t know that I would.  Would I give up blogging if he asked?  I don’t know.  (By the way, he doesn’t know I blog.  He saw me reading someone else’s blog one night, told me he thought they were stupid and why would anyone want to do that?  So I didn’t bother to tell him that I have one.)  Do I love him enough to give something up?  Or do I think, if he loves me, he would never ask me to give it up?

Would you go back in time?  What would you miss about today?  Would you give up something important for the person you love?  What wouldn’t you give up?



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16 responses to “Luxuries or Love

  1. I would go back in time. But I would want the option to be able to come back if I didn’t enjoy myself.

    As for giving up something for someone I love, well, been there, done that. Gave up a career in television to pop out babies. Gave up a trim figure. Gave up my dream of living in a urban flat to live out in the middle of the sticks…

    What I wouldn’t give up for my husband? I don’t know. I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t give up if he asked me. The key to that, is there isn’t much he would ask me to give up…

    But I am mighty fond of tampons and microwaves.

  2. I like this post. It will get us thinking.

    1. I would definitely miss indoor plumbing! That’s just a luxery that you cannot give up! Also, if I were gonna go back in time, it would be back to after The War Between the States (The Civil War for you northerners, lol) because I don’t think I would want to live during that time, it was a pretty desparate time for the South.

    2. I have given up what I consider important things for people I love. I gave up my freedom when I chose to become a mother. I gave up lots of things when I moved in with my husband. I don’t regret those decisions, because I love those people!

    3. I don’t think I could give up my integrity or my honor.

  3. Oooh! This is fun!

    1. Would I go back in time? N-O!

    2. What would I miss about today? Let’s see…where do I begin? Indoor restrooms, showers, deodorant, hair dryers, dentistry (can you imagine having a tooth pulled? Needing a root canal? Rotting teeth?), epidurals, modern transportation, sanitary napkins/tampons, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc. You get the picture.

    (Now I’m going to add a question)

    3. What would I NOT miss about today? Pedophiles (not that they didn’t exist then, but was it this bad?), modern day obsession with body image, television (yes. really).

    4. Would you give up something for the person you love? Yes. Because he would give up something for me. It’s a two way street. Although, I don’t EXPECT him to give up anything for me. I find peace in the fact that he would if I asked…and the same goes for me.

    5. What wouldn’t you give up? I guess it depends on who is asking now, doesn’t it? I don’t hold THINGS dear – I hold PEOPLE dear. I WOULDN’T give up my family – my husband, my children, my parents. I WOULD give up material things…well, I really wouldn’t want to give up the indoor restroom…or the tampons…and I might want to keep the shower…AAAAAAAAAA!!!! It’s not as black and white as it seemed in the beginning!

    This was interesting. I’ll have to come back and read the other comments.

  4. J.

    I don’t think I can say much here without totally ruining the series for you.
    I’ll come back when you’re done. hehe …

    But seriously, I wouldn’t want to go back in time that far … maybe to the 50’s though. Such a funloving innocent time.

  5. I would absolutely go back in time to be with Andiclaus.

    While I am a sucker for ALL the modern conveniences, I would most miss women’s rights.

  6. Oh, no. I could never go back in time. I hate anything that makes life less convenient. I would miss internet and cell phones and gah gah gah air conditioning. Also, I’d have to wash clothes by hand. Of course, I haven’t read the books you’re referring to, so I’m probably missing most of the point here.

  7. I don’t think I would. Give up my cell; my DVR; tampons; and (gasp!) TARGET??!!

    Maybe I would if I could come back. 🙂

  8. I am a huge fan of those books and they always make me think these EXACT same things (I wish I had bought the series because I could re-read them again and again. There is always so much info).

    Would I go back in time? I always thought it would be fun, but I suppose it depends WHEN you went back in time….I don’t think I’m tough enough to endure that time (1700’s) period. I’m too much of a wuss. I admit it. I like my modern day lifestyle. I’m not talking about cell phones and t.v. – but running water, working toilets, a furnace to heat my house, Tylenol, and yes, tampons. (oh – and a freezer to keep my ice cream in!)

  9. I would not go back in time either. I couldn’t imagine being without tampons and birth control!

  10. Joy

    I used to sit in my room reading lots of books and dream about being back in the late 1800’s when the gold rush just began and people set out to explore the “wild wild west”. I know that thier daily lives where hard and the weather was harsh but I loved the fact that people knew right from wrong and that there was no “tolerance” as wide spread as it is and to the point of where “Tolerance” is accepting anything that isn’t christianity. I would love to have a society where it was wrong to have sex before marriage, and where drinking isn’t something that good folks did, and where people worked hard and earned thier living instead of cheating and pushing people down to get up in the world.

    What would I miss most about modern day? well I would miss the small things, like indoor running water and a washer and dryer and tv but I would gladly give that up for quality Family time and for the opportunity to learn to really live. People helped people and you just dont’ see that very much anymore.. today nieghbors can live next to eachother for more then a century and not know the name of the other.. but back then.. they depended on eachother and worked to help eachother survive.

    What would I give up for my husband? Anything I love my husband so much and so passionatly that I would give anything up for him. I would give my life for him and I know he would for me. You asked if anyone had a passionate love and that its only for books, well i think that I have real passionate love for my husband and books can’t describe that. I mean.. books only look at the good parts of the relationship.. do you ever read of couples that have arguements and work through them and grow closer together, or couples that disagree on a few things and work through them to come out better then before? Not really.. you only read the juicy parts…the parts where they love eachother or are working at hooking up. Don’t you find it wierd that all it takes is a few attempts and few weeks in book time and they are getting married and having babies. I find it rather amusing and don’t get me wrong I love books, but books are not based on reality. So, can you have real passionate love for your husband? Yes. I think so. I will have to explain at another time all the “juicy ” bits for you if you ask.. but yes you can fall deeply madly head over heels in love with your spouse and keep it fresh every single day.. and yes.. as a healthy marriage we do have our spats.. but isn’t that the fun part.. to make up afterwards?

    You asked what we wouldn’t give up for the person I love and the only think I can think of is nothing. There is nothing I wouldn’t give up… I already moved halfway across the states, left my family, friends etc for the man I love what would I not want to give up for him. I love him and care for him deeeply and he has given up so much to be with me as well and its just amazing. I think the only thing I wouldn’t want to give up is my husband. I won’t give him away.. he is mine and I’ll be selfish and keep him all to myself. 😀

  11. Wow, what great questions!

    I’ll have to think on this some more.

  12. Interesting topic.

    Some days I’d give it all up to get AWAY from him. (not really but you know) and other times I’d give up anything to be with him.

    Knowing what NOW is and all the modern necessities I’d have to give up, I’m SURE the decision to give it all up would be hard.

    However, having been married before, I know I could never find another one like him so it would hard to leave him behind just the same.

  13. I’ve nominated you for an award. Stop by my place and see 😉

  14. I think I COULD give up a lot. It’s a hard decision to make (an understatement, of course). Each of us is looking for different things in life and hopefully our spouses are looking for the same things. Figuring out which side the balance scale tilts is the challenge.

    Your husband DOES NOT know you blog?! How interesting. It’s got to be disappointing hearing him say disparaging words about blogging as a whole. It indirectly insults you. I’m sure he would never mean to do that, of course. I can certainly understand how some people would not be interested in it at all. It’s not for everyone. But for those of us who DO embrace it as a hobby/pass time/passion/life line, I think we all wonder why they just can’t SEE it.

  15. Most people who do not blog do not GET it. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to explain why I blog. Maybe try to explain why to your husband. HP didn’t get it either but he loves to read mine now.

    Did you buy The Outlander Companion too.? How about Lord John and the Private Matter? Have you visited her website ?

    Obsession, thy name is mine.

  16. I enjoyed your post AND the comments. Going back in time sounds so romantic, but no, I’m not one who’d wanna try it. One of the fieldtrips my daughter had a few years back was to a 1800s homestead. After touring it, you see how barebones everything is, even the NICE parts!

    That being said, there are parts of me what would love to do without a few modern conveniences–everything has a positive and a negative side to it. The positives are obvious, the negatives more subtle (i.e., cell phones, television, internet, etc., etc., ETC. 🙂 ).

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