Book Binge

I’m behind on my blog reading since my Outlander obsession began.  Tonight I was catching up and found this.  How cool is that? 

This is MaryP’s idea, she says:

Okay, all you booklovers out there, Bookmama and I have an activity for you. A fair number of you enjoyed the Literary Meme I did at the beginning of this week. But it was so arbitrary, and many of you who only had a fair-to-middlin’ showing on the list have probably read a TONNE of books that weren’t on it. Hardly right.

Clearly, we need a way to show our literary stuff in a truly personal way. So, here’s the idea: I’m proposing that, starting April 1, we start tracking everything we read for a month, and then, on May 1, we publish our lists. And yes, if you’re a student, assuming you’ll be doing any recreational blogging this month before exams, you can certainly include required readings and texts.

I love this, probably because I am totally nosy and want to know what other people are reading.  Hey, my next literary obsession could be on one of those lists! 

Go over to MaryP’s place and sign up! 



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7 responses to “Book Binge

  1. You’re on the list! Happy reading!

  2. Well I don’t usually read more than one a month.

    Ok..maybe sometimes 2 but I don’t think between the layoff, the house and the MISCELLANEOUS stuff that is now creeping onto my “to do” list for April I’m going to get much reading done.

    I’ll just enjoy reading what everyone else is that?

  3. I go through heavy spells of maybe a book every day and a half then long dry spells of not being in the mood to settle down with a book. Last month I went through 23 books. So far this month not so much reading.

  4. I just signed up – I need a kick in the butt to get back into reading. Currently working thru 19 Minutes.

  5. Awesome – will do! I have been setting up a list anyway on

  6. 23 books in a month, Angie! Holy Schnikes! You’re one voracious reader.

    I used to manage a bookstore and while I love to read, have not been making the time to fulfill that love. Hopefully I’ll knock off at least one or two this month.

  7. J.

    You have no email link on here. Bad apple.
    Email me.

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