Thinking Blogger?

I could have swore Susan sent me an email and posted that she gave me the Thinking Blogger Award that’s going around.  When I went over to her place to get the info it wasn’t there.

Now I am a thinking blogger.  Did I imagine it?  Oh well.

I have seen quite a few sites with that space alien button.  (I always hear the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” when I see them.  Does anyone else have auditory hallucinations?  Should I be concerned?)  I didn’t figure I was a “thinking” blogger.  After some of the wacky comments I’ve left on Susan’s site she should nominate me for the “This Blogger Needs Mental Health Care, STAT Award”.  (Can someone make a button for that?)

I would never be able to come up with five people to nominate.  Fifty-five, yeah.  Just five, not likely.  There are so many blogs out there that I love.  For so many different reasons.

There’s the Fun Monday crew.  I love the brief look into each of your lives.  Through Fun Monday I have “met” so many different people and learned quite a bit.  (I never knew Australia was referred to as Oz, for one.)

Then we have my Accounting Buddies.  The tax accountants are super busy right now with the Big Deadline looming and I’m glad they are still finding some time to blog.

My Book bloggers, including a bunch just discovered.  Can’t wait to see what everyone is reading.

The Weight Loss crew.  It’s nice to have support.  And a great success story to learn from (over 80 lbs. lost:  you are my hero).

The Usual Suspects, you know who you are.  We all read each other’s blogs.  It’s kind of like a sorority but without the menstrual coordination.

The funniest secret girlfriend a heterosexual woman could hope for.  (Ended with a preposition, oh well.)

A certain soon to be unemployed woman who sent me awesome napkins.

The luckiest red headed accountant in the world.  (Yeah, there’s lots of category overlap)

I always think of you when I go to Target.

The famous fromage queen who actually reads my shit.  You’re an inspiration.

My ice cream bullet creator.  Damn, I should be using them right now!

My orchid growing, husband awaiting friend.  Uh, what happened to Orchid Watch 2007?

I could go on and on but I’m tired.  Look to the right.  See that blogroll?  They are all great.  They all deserve an award.  Some of them even deserve the “This Blogger Needs Mental Health Care STAT Award”.  I think I love them best.



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8 responses to “Thinking Blogger?

  1. You mean you’re supposed to think before blogging? I wonder if that would help me at all. Sounds like a lot of work, though.

  2. I DID nominate you for the Thinking Blogger award!

    I’ll email you to explain.

  3. Is it ME that you think of when you go to Target??!! Has to be…I’m the only freak out there that coordinates her move to a location THREE minutes from the damn store!!

    You rock….I *fluffy pink heart* you….let’s go to Target!!

  4. Is it luck or is it Karma?

    Is it really red or is it Loreal?

    I heart you too lady. And I will share the “This Blogger Needs Mental Health Care STAT Award” with you.

  5. 1) Susan has all of us curious now.

    2) I’m glad for Fun Monday, too, because it has introduced some fun new peeps to the mix. As if I need more adds to my Bloglines :/.

    3) When I see that “Thinking Blogger” icon, it makes me think of a baby in utero….but also an alien. At least NOT an alien baby, though 😉

    4) Usually “Snap” gets on my nerves because it just POPS up and distracts me! BUT, it was nice scrolling over your sidebar and “seeing” who your favorite peeps are…some pretty cool headers :).

    Ok…enough random thoughts from me…!

  6. Is there a Never Has Time to Blog and Doesn’t Know Why People Still Read Award? Cuz, I think that one would belong to me!

  7. Huh, I can’t believe I missed this posting. Where was I? Anyway. That’s quite the assemblage of various groups you’ve got going there. I struggle with trying to keep my list of regular reads to a reasonable amount, and I think I’m actually a little TOO hesitant to expand the reading list.

    I admire you for spreading the love to so many friends!

    (And, yeah! Where are those bullets for this post?!)

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