Fun Monday- The Coat That Did NOT Speak To Me

Amy W. is this week’s Fun Monday hostess.  Her challenge is

So to kind of go along with the same theme of clothing – my Fun Monday theme is Embarrassing Clothing. Find something in your closet you are keeping for some ungodly reason (the sweatshirt with all the holes, the jeans your kids used as a drawing table with markers, the shirt with the stain you only hope no one notices) take a picture of it and tell us why you are keeping it and how it got that way.

This would have been really easy last week.  But I cleaned out the closet last weekend.  I had some tremendously crappy items too!

Here is the coat that does not and never has spoken to me, except maybe to say, “Throw me out!”  I have had this coat for six or seven years.  For some reason this coat was on the path of destruction this year.  It now has no buttons, my daughter has pulled the drawstring out completely and it has a nice tear on the right seam.

Now for a close up of the good part:

I did that a few weeks ago.  I figured winter was almost over and I wouldn’t be needing it any more.  I think yesterday’s high temp was 37. 

I hate this coat and can’t wait to get a new one.

**I’ll be hosting next week’s Fun Monday.  Check back later tonight or tomorrow for details.  I’ll have them up as soon as possible!



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10 responses to “Fun Monday- The Coat That Did NOT Speak To Me

  1. I didn’t even think about my coats…I have loads of ones to fit this description!

    You are on for next week’s Fun Monday!

  2. That coat looks awfully familiar – and even though I did get a new one, my ripped one is still in the closet.

  3. Now go on admit the tear was to make sure you have enough reasons for a new one. Mind you if it were me I’d still be keeping this one to use for gardening.

  4. Why don’t we listen when our clothes ask to be thrown away? What is it that makes us ignore that perfectly reasonable request? Is it that we think there might be one day a reason for keeping them no matter how gross or ripped they may be.

  5. I know you’re cold, but now is the time to buy a new one, when they’re on sale.

  6. Well, you can truly say you got your money’s worth!!

  7. mjd

    Thread-bare and well-worn coats must popular. I have one in my closet too. Maybe we do not think much about coats as they only cover some of our nicer clothes. Or, maybe we are always wishing for warmer weather and thinking that we won’t need the heavy coats much longer.

  8. too funny…I think I have a coat similar to your situation!! They are very comfy though aren’t they?? hard to throw them out as much as you want too!!

  9. For some strange reason, I get very attached to my clothes and can’t let them go…I remember all the fun I had when wearing them to whatever function or stage of life and can’t get rid of them.

    But never with coats! Those I can keep for years and they mean nothing to me, lol. I guess I’ve liked ’em all enough to keep them, and living in the South, we don’t get enough cold weather to wear them out. I’ve lost a few, though…:/.

    So, I’m curious, how come you STILL have this coat if you hate it and purged last weekend? Are you sure you hate it?? 🙂

  10. If I had more time and, well, my brain worked well enough to remember, I would participate in Fun Mondays!

    Nice coat!

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