The Interview

*See below for next week’s Fun Monday topic.

CPA Mom asked for volunteers for this Interview Meme and I said send em over!

1)  What skill or hobby do you have that people would be surprised to know?

Gee, I have no idea.  I am an excellent baker.  I make my own candy at Christmastime.  I speak enough Spanish to find a bathroom, well maybe a bit more than that.  I can ride a motorcycle, I should say I used to be able to ride a motorcycle- it’s been years.  I’m really just your average woman.

2)  What is your favorite thing to do, if time and money were not an object?

I love to research my family history.   I would love to have the time, not to mention the money to be able to do more of this.  I would go to the countries my ancestors are from and do research there.  I could spend my days in dusty archives (mega dosed on allergy meds, of course) looking for traces of long dead relatives.  I could visit graveyards and take pictures of family headstones (yeah, yeah, I’m a freak.  Be glad you aren’t my husband- I’ve actually made him do this with me.)  I would have the money to have a pro search for my great grandfather who I can’t find a damn thing on!

3)  Where have you traveled?  Where would you like to travel?

I have been to New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Florida, Washington- state and DC.

I would love to go to Ireland, England, Norway, Germany and Disney World with my kids.

4)  You have one week to live.  What would you do?

I would spend as much time with my family as possible.  I would write letters to my girls to be opened on special occasions.  I would make videotapes for them, giving them the motherly “wisdom” I have.  I would actually let someone take pictures of me, with my girls.  I actually worry about dying (not obsessively or anything, but the thought has crossed my mind).  I worry about my kids.  The Big Guy would manage.  He’d miss me but the girls are different, you know?  There is so much I want to tell them but you have to wait for the right time.  I can’t very well talk to the four year old about college, she’s still getting used to pre-school!

5)  How satisfied are you that you are living the best life you can?  What would you change?

This is a tough one.  I think I’ve been going through a mini midlife crisis.  My 20 year high school reunion is in a few months.  (That explains it, right?)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my life lately. 

I have a good life.  I have a husband I love, children I adore, a good job, a nice home and can pay the bills. 

Still, I feel like my life is missing something. 

What?  I’m not sure. 

Sometimes I think it is another child.  With my medical issues, not to mention the Big Guy just turned 50 and I’m 37, there will be no more children.  I suppose I could do the whole infertility thing but I don’t think that is the route for us.

Sometimes I feel like I could be doing more.  More what, I have no idea.  When I figure it out I’ll let you know.

6)  What was your favorite book as a child (we know your favorite book as an adult!)

I loved “Where the Wild Things Are”.  I boughtSanta gave it to Ebaby and she has no interest in it whatsoever.

I also had this big hardcover book called “The Nonsense Book”.  My grandmother gave it to me.  I loved that book.  I wonder what happened to it? 

7)  Cloth diapers vs. disposable.  Discuss.
Disposable.  I am lazy.  I do not want to wash poop out of a cloth diaper.

Anyone want to be interviewed?  I’ll send you some questions just let me know in the comments or an email.



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12 responses to “The Interview

  1. I’m so with you on the disposable diapers…we have enough poop to deal with…why add more?

  2. COOL!

    I have questions from her too, I need to post. I also need to post a picture of my husband’s tattoo for you.

    He has a 1/4 sleeve of “Where the Wild Things Are” on his arm. You’d love it! That was our favorite book too!

  3. Thanks for playing! Is there anything you wanted to know about me? I still want to see pictures of your tats.

  4. I want to go to Ireland, England, Norway, Germany and Disney World with my kids too! We should go together.

  5. What a great idea! Interview me! Me! Me! Me! I am soooo with you on the disposable diapers! I clean up enough crap as it is.

  6. When my mom was in her late 30’s she went through a similar problem, not knowing if she wanted another kid or what in the world she was missing. On a whim, she decided she needed to open a bookstore. After planning for a long time, my dad joined her. Twenty years later, she’s completely lost that “something missing” feeling, and it’s kind of like her 3rd child, the one that doesn’t blog about her.

  7. mjd

    You are very good at this interviewing process. No wonder you picked an interview for the Fun Monday, #13.

  8. My favorite kiddy book ever!!!

    I read that book to my kids till the pages fell out of the binding. When I get a new kiddy (soon hoping!) I plan on buying a new copy and starting all over again.

    If I had a week to live, I’d live it like you described. But have a whole lot of sex, rich food and decadent desserts.

  9. No one has interviewed me. You can, if you wanna. 🙂

  10. Hmm I have never been interviewed either .. u can interview me too…

  11. Interviews? What? How do I miss all this stuff?

  12. Enjoyed reading your interview. Looking forward to Fun Monday–great topic choice! Should be a really fun one!

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