Random Bullet Stuff

  • I was supposed to send interview questions to a few of you and I haven’t done it yet.  But I will.  Soon(ish).
  • I am tired.
  • I am fat.
  • Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the promotion offer?
  • Remember a few days ago when I posted about the confirmation of weaselness?
  • They tie together.
  • Yes, the conniver was at work.
  • He was “laid off”.
  • I am doing his job now.
  • And my job.
  • I only work part time.
  • They know I won’t work more.
  • I am swamped.
  • And a bit overwhelmed.
  • We also got a new employee handbook.
  • The first one in eleven years.
  • It specifically says no blogging, no reading of blogs, you aren’t even allowed to like blogs on company time.
  • So, night blogging it is.
  • Night blogging + tired Mama = crappy posts
  • I’ll be surprised (and grateful) if you are all still here in a week.
  • I wish I posted pictures of my kids.
  • That would give me around three months of good stuff.
  • I hope I can get on a system at work soon.
  • And at home.
  • I can’t really say I won’t do the job.
  • I need it.
  • They are pretty flexible when it comes to family stuff.
  • The come-get-the-kid-she’s-puking kind of flexible.
  • I’m going to read your blog now.
  • Then I will (hopefully) sleep.
  • And start the grind again tomorrow.


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13 responses to “Random Bullet Stuff

  1. Hooray for bullets.

    So the ‘conniver’ was laid off, eh? That make you happy? ‘Cause I’m sensing the extra workload for you is NOT making you happy.

    It took eleven years for a new handbook? Just think of how different the internet will be in another eleven years! Blogging will be the least of your company’s worries.

  2. Ouch…that’s a lot on your ice cream cone. Hang in there….I won’t be going anywhere.

  3. happyworkingmom

    Wow, no blogging at work? That’s horrible. Although I’m sure I’m not supposed to be doing this either, but my mind has come up with all kinds of “great” excuses if I ever get caught…”I have ADD and need an outlet; People take smoke breaks why can’t I take a blog break? It makes me a more happy person when I read blogs, and a happy person means a better worker.” I’m sure none of these would hold up, but they kind of are all partially true 🙂

  4. I totally understand the tired momma feeling. Hope you get some good rest soon.

  5. If it weren’t for blogs, I’d have a two hour work day. Your post made me sad and happy at at once. I hope it picks up for you!

  6. the ice cream cone bullets rock! omg if my workplace puts the crackdown on the blogs, I’ll be devastated. Yet much more productive.

  7. That stinks about the blogging rule at work. Like Hollowsquirrel, if they do that at my job, I might get more stuff done…

  8. I can’t believe the specifically mentioned blogging!

    I mean, I believe YOU. But still! Crazy!

    I’m sorry you are so overwhelmed. I will be here in a week. And a month. And a year.

  9. wow that a lot on your plate there… hmm no blogging at work.. no fun.. when it is quiet here I blog.. like today for instance… as long as I am on top of my work… my boss does not care.. Well hang in there… I will still be here waiting for your next post!!!

  10. No blogging at work. They must be on crack. Or actually expecting work for pay. How bizarre. I guess I should get back to work myself now…

  11. How dare they ask you to do more work and take away your blogging time! : )

  12. Sorry you feel overwhelmed. Somehow you’ll work it out, I’m sure, because you really want to. Take care of yourself!

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