Fun Monday- It Was Just Too Nice Out

Robin at Pensieve is hosting Bad Hair Monday.

Bad hair is an every day occurrence at Mama’s house.  But this weekend was just too nice out.  I spent the weekend digging in the dirt and no where near the computer.

It was a good weekend!

See you for the next Fun Monday.



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3 responses to “Fun Monday- It Was Just Too Nice Out

  1. Bethany, were your bad hair days THAT bad?

  2. sounds like everyone was enjoying a beautiful weekend. MMM not out here on the west coast, we had some warm, but more rain than anything.
    But for a Monday today is shaping up quite nice.
    Glad you had fun digging in the dirt!!
    You have proven we so don’t need to live with our computers huh? Oops did I say that? Nope I need mine, gotta read up on everyone and how their lives are going!!

  3. Bethany, thanks for linking to this even though you didn’t take part. If you have a chance to catch up with me (and I’m pretty sure you won’t, but that’s okay 😉 ), you’ll see it about killed me to get my post done…because I was OUT all weekend, and it WAS spectacular here, too!

    I never got to my photo albums to find all the proof for my bad hair days…a few loose pics were enough…:).

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