I volunteered to have AmyW send over some questions.  Good thing, since my brain is so fried because of the job.  I have a bunch of posts rattling about in my brain but just cannot put them in any coherent form at all.

 Amy asks:

1.  If you could change one trait on your husband, what would it be and why?

I love him to death and there isn’t actually much I would change about him.  There is one thing that drives me nuts.  He has this one hair that grows from the tip of his nose.  I swear one day his nose is smooth and the next there is this pube-y looking hair protruding from it.  When the hair is in residence I can’t even concentrate, I am obsessed with plucking that sucker!  I’ll try to pull that thing out with two fingernails acting as tweezers if actual tweezers are unavailable!

2.  Do you have specific brands of toilet paper and paper towels that you use or is it just whatever is on sale?

Toilet paper must be Scott.  It’s not linty.  I can’t stand linty tp.  Paper towels are usually Shoprite brand.  They are cheap and work just as well as the name brand.  We actually don’t use many paper towels, a roll lasts us two weeks or more.
3.  If you had to write a spam email and got to choose the topic, what would it be and why?

You know I can’t stand all the penis spam out there:  make it bigger, make it harder, make it last all night long, all night, all night (Lionel Ritchie get out of my head!) everyone you meet will be dancing in the street, all night (Right now, OUT!)

Anyway.  I feel there is a critical demographic being ignored by today’s spammers.


The poor girls get short shrift all the time.  Give me some spam on how to make the breasts bigger with things found in nature.  How to get them back where they belong without surgery.  How to keep my  the nipples from getting hard and coming out to say hello during an important meeting where I  someone needs to be taken seriously.

These things are spam worthy.

Also, if you have the solutions to any of those, email me.
4.  If all the ice cream disappeared in the world, what would you replace it with?

That’s easy- chocolate.
5.  If you had to watch NASCAR or golf for 12 hours straight, which would you choose and why?

Another easy one.  NASCAR.  Why?  Because from February to November (which by the way is the longest sporting event season ever)  NASCAR rules at the Mama’s house.  I should say the Dada’s house.  My husband loves that stuff.  To be totally honest, I don’t mind it (just not in the quantity the Big Guy likes).  I grew up with it so it’s nothing new to me.  I can talk race crap with the best of them.  One of my brothers is a truck chief in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Besides, Tiger Woods never crashed into a wall doing 197 mph at Talladega.

There are some kind of rules.  I’m too lazy to go back and do the old cut and paste.  They are something like:

If you want some questions, leave a comment.

When I can think of some, I’ll send them to you.

Answer them on your blog.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


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11 responses to “Questions

  1. Ooh I’m with you on the linty tp thing. CAN’T be linty. Scott is just right.

    I meant to say on the grocery store entry below, that cracked me up!! Reminded me of the time KJ was two, and as we stood in line in Sam’s Club he belted out, “Das Opwah!” Needless to say, it wasn’t Opwah. And we bolted.

    Love it. :o)

  2. I wish a roll of paper towels would last me that long…a roll lasts me MAYBE 3 days!!

    Interesting that your brother is a truck chief in the truck series…pretty cool 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh, nipple headlights….almost as good as sitting down too fast in a meeting, while wearing a skirt, and having your thighs clap loudly together. Of course this happens just when the room goes silent.

  4. I’m with you on the Scott’s TP! I too can’t stand linty stuff!! Great answers….if you think of some questions for me..I’ll take you up on the challenge!! I’m slowly running out of things to write ..and well I have a 1 1/2 weeks off from work!! Bring them on! haha

  5. Both me and my husband are huge NASCAR fans!!! We watch every weekend.

  6. well I am a cottonelle girl personally… but I have to agree on the Chocolate comment the more chocolate the better YAY …

  7. love your answer on the spam, sooooooo funny!!!!
    TP mmm quilted northern, needs to be biodegradable we are on septic, and that hummer is costly to get sucked out, ewwwwwwwwwww
    don’t like golf , racing, baseball, football, basketball etc, get the idea no sports for me. Ice skating is cool, love to watch that, the couples especially!!!
    no ice cream in the world, that so can’t happen, nope I would have to move to Mars and start my own ice cream shop!! HOT FUDGE SUNDAES my #1

  8. brown eyed girl

    Amy those were fun questions….

    Mama—-you crack me right up…..

    Breasts is RIGHT!

  9. Georgia

    To all interested moms out there:

    I would like to invite you to participate in a research study of parenting views and practices. Dr. Kim White-Mills and Dr. Catherine Dobris of IUPUI (both are moms) are interested in understanding what sources parents find useful in their parenting practices, how parents use different parenting information, and what views parents across the county hold regarding parenting issues.

    To access this survey, go to

  10. Great answer to the SPAM question! I agree, you girls aren’t getting enough directed at you. “Coming out to say hello…” Nice one.

  11. Love your blog! And LOVE your sense of humor! I’m adding you to my list of favorite blogs….and I wish you the very best with your WW “plan”. I can REALLY relate and I really should start one. Just getting motivated is just so damn hard. Maybe if I keep reading your blog I will feel more motivated….I LOVE Chocolate and Ice Cream!!

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