More Random Nonsense

With bullets  cones!

  • Work sucks right now.  I was thinking about setting up a password protected blog just so I could vent about work!
  • The new handbook specifically forbids blogging.  So what did I do today?  I used Gmails instant messaging to talk to these chicks.
  • Go get yourself a Gmail account and I’ll IM you too.
  • Miss Margarita Madness herself has a new blog.  Go over and check it out.  Send her some recipes.  I plan on stalking the hell out of this site because I need some new meal ideas too.
  • Speaking of new sites…Cagey has a new one too.  She’s been referring to it as the Booblog.  It is probably the best blog about breastfeeding I have ever read.
  • Also check out Cagey’s book club, The Cerebral Venus Book Club.  What a great name. 
  • 5 Minutes For Mom is having a contest.  They are giving away fabulous stuff from Madison’s Room.  If you have a girl child, go check it out.
  • You also have to check out Nikki’s new jewelry line, Delvii Creations.  She makes the cutest flip flop pendants.  Go buy some.
  • I ordered the Weight Watchers at home kit.  I’m determined.  Sort of.
  • I have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow.  It’s actually for the bride and groom.  The whole family is invited.  I just know the Big Guy is going to bail out at the last minute.  Then I’ll have to wrangle Ebaby by myself.  There isn’t going to be anyone her age there and she is just going to be bored.  I’m not looking forward to it.
  • Hopefully thing will calm down a bit next week.
  • then I will post something other rhan this crap.
  • Have a good weekend.


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11 responses to “More Random Nonsense

  1. Wow – thanks for all the shout outs! Really, I appreciate it!

    The book club – I love the name, too! My friend Goofy Girl came up with several for me to choose from because she is creative like that. I’d like to point out that even if one hasn’t gotten to read the book, it does NOT mean they can’t join in the conversation! We will be discussing women, rivalry and the different aspects in which it manifests itself – you don’t have to have read the book to talk about that.

    The Booblog – Again, thanks! I am really hoping to create an open space where everyone can get a different perspective. Life is too short to fight about stupid stuff. Right?

  2. I puffy pink heart with glitter Weight Watchers. I do the online program. It rocks!

  3. Horray for bullet cones!!

    I have Gmail…IM me….dammit!! 🙂

  4. i think i have gmail account.. I will check that out.. I can get on that when the doc is out of the office.. this week its thurs and fri… will check it out.. great post though I like lists like that…

  5. I love when you do bullets! They are the funny!

  6. I wish I could get the IM stuff to work at my office. It’s firewalled. Jerks.

  7. Yeah for links! (Thanks!)
    I love the name Booblog

  8. Maybe we should start a blog where people can anonymously post vents about their jobs? I could def use one these days!

  9. If my office every figures out that people use the internet for *gasp* web logging *OMG* I am DOOMED.

  10. IM me at my Gmail account! kurt.higgins

    I already bug Rachel at her job 🙂

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