Mama’s Book Binge

Mary P is hosting this Book Binge.  Go over to her place to check out the other participants.

What did I read in April?  Lots of good stuff.

In March I started The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.  The obsession began.  In April I read:

  1. Dragonfly In Amber
  2. Voyager
  3. Drums of Autumn
  4. The Fiery Cross
  5. A Breath of Snow and Ashes

I loved these books.  The story was fascinating.  So often I read a book and really want more.  These books had more.  And more.  And more. 

  1. Night by Elie Wiesel     My daughter had to read this for school.  Of course I had to check it out.  It is a sharp punch in the gut.  Elie Wiesel tells of his life in concentration camps as a teen in World War II.  I can’t say the book was good.  It was compelling and horrifying.  Everyone should read this book.
  2. Tripping the Prom Queen:  The Truth About Women and Rivalry by Susan Shapiro Barash       I read this for The Cerebral Venus Book Club.  Today is discussion day and I have yet to go over and discuss.
  3. Kingdom Come:  The Final Victory by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins   This is the final book in the Left Behind Series.  I have to say I was disappointed.  It seemed like the author was tired of writing this story and gave it a half hearted effort.  It was not as engaging as the other books in the series.  It took fifteen books to cover seven years (and the back story) but the final book covered the one thousand years of peace and the final battle.  I feel gypped.
  4. Spymistress:  The Life of Vera Atkins, the Greatest Female Secret Agent of World War II by William Stevenson    Again, thanks to my daughter!  She chose this book for her biography paper.  I got so into it I had to buy a copy for myself so she could use the library copy for her book report!  Vera Atkins spied, recruited spies and fought for England during WWII. 

I read nine books in April which is actually light for me.  Well those Outlander mass market paperbacks were well over a thousand pages each so I guess that’s about right.

I wish I had time to do a better review of each book but right now that’s just not possible.  Maybe when I update my Good Reads account (want to be on my friend list?) I can do a better job of it.

Don’t forget to check out Mary P’s place for other participants.



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11 responses to “Mama’s Book Binge

  1. happyworkingmom

    Fantastic job! I have no idea how you can read so many books, but please, pass on your secrets!!

  2. I read Night in elementary school (sixth grade maybe?) and Wiesel actually came to our school. I wish I remember it better or had an actual appreciation of the event. By the way, have you read “The Road” yet? It was the best book I’ve read all year that doesn’t have to do with children at a wizard school.

  3. I love Diana Galbaldon. The first in the series “Outlander” is by far the best. The last three haven’t been as good in my opinion.

    Your pendant was mailed out on Monday. It should get to you soon!

  4. You need to get Lord John and the Private Matter. And did you not read Outlander? The first of the six books? Are you keeping up with her website ?

  5. I’m intrigued by the Outlander series…but can I start another author obsession right now? It may have to wait.

    I read Night in my college library and I cried through the last half of the book, not caring what anyone thought if they saw me. Eleven years later and I still remember it felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach.

    I’m on goodreads! If you want to be on my friends, my username is alison and my email is above.

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  7. I’ll have to check out that series. I remember you raving about them which reading them. 1,000 pages per book kind of scares me though.

  8. As much as I love to read, I am not able to nearly enough!!! It is so hard to find the time. I am amazed that you were able to read 9 books!

  9. I loved the Outlander series for the most part – but wasn’t able to get through The Fiery Cross … slower than the others.

  10. Wowee nine books in one month? That is impressive!

    Also, Night – perfect description. Total punch in the gut. In my next lifetime I’m going to read tons and tons of books. Or, later on.


  11. I tried to get Outlander from our library, but the wait list is so long, the month was over before I got it. (Well, I still don’t have it!!) But so many people have recommended her books, I think I have to see what the fuss is all about.

    Thanks for participating!

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