Thursday With Bullets

The non-thinking posts continue!

  • Work is still kicking my ass.
  • When will it end!
  • I can’t take much more.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • I got my Weight Watchers At Home kit.
  • I have to go grocery shopping before I start.
  • Probably Saturday.
  • I’ve started reading Reading Lolita in Tehran, one of the many books recommended to me a awhile ago.
  • My recommended reading list is huge.
  • That makes me happy.
  • I have bonsai.
  • You know, those little trees Mr. Miyagi had in Karate Kid.
  • They live outside on the patio.
  • A friggin squirrel dug in my Japanese Andromeda!
  • Bastard!
  • Any squirrel hunters out there?
  • Just kidding.
  • Sort of.
  • But he’d better leave my precious alone.
  • I was supposed to make guacamole for daughter’s International Food Fair tomorrow.
  • Couldn’t because the avocados were rock solid.
  • Salsa anyone?
  • On top of everything else, my allergies are really kicking into high gear.
  • Hello pollen.
  • Another quality post.
  • The End


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12 responses to “Thursday With Bullets

  1. OH, that’s funny – on Monday, I was going to throw Reading In Lolita in the ring as a choice for the Cerebral Venus book club. I’ve wanted to read it for AGES, but wanted to read it as part of a book club.

  2. I want a copy of your reading list! And what’s this about a book club on-line? I am soooo not up to speed w/ what is available.

  3. I’m always looking for good books…can you e-mail me a copy of your book list? I was in an on-line book club for a short time, but never seemed to have the time to finish my book in time. So, I read whenever I have a few minutes (like driving to Target??!!).

    Sorry work is kicking you around…hope it slows down soon.


  4. happyworkingmom

    I hope work gets better for you soon…I know how much it sucks when work is kicking your butt. You can call hubby, I bet he’d love to re-live his squirrel-hunting days 🙂

  5. I will have to look into getting that book. I am such a reading whore.

  6. glad you get a chance to read, it’s supposed to be relaxing, sure when you can find a quiet nook and just go for it, huh?
    Squirrels eating your plants, yeah need to stop that but mmm I don’t know anyone for hire to do the lil buggers in!!!
    Sorry work is rough, just think the week end is just about here for you!!!!

  7. I cannot stand squirrels! I call them tree rats! Hopefully work will get better soon!

  8. Tell me how much you love the at-home kit, okay? Because I do the online thing with the Weight Watchers and I was wondering about it.

  9. OOO! What kind of bonsai? Sounds nice!

  10. Ah, yes. Mr. Miyagi. Wax on. Wax off.

  11. Love nonthinking posts! I so love homemade salsa…whats your receipe??

  12. That. Is. FUNNY!!

    Send me some salsa, Baby!!

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